One Ocean Seafood Restaurant – Cze Char with a Difference!


My journey to One Ocean Seafood Restaurant really took me to the outskirts of Toa Payoh. Never did I imagine that a cze char restaurant would be so gamely situated in the midst of an industrial estate. I half expected it to be empty, but was I surprised when I saw crowds of families dining at the cze char restaurant on a serene Saturday night. Somehow, they knew something I didn’t and boy was I glad.


Dinner for the night was a 6 course meal that featured a unique spread of dishes that would normally not be seen on a regular Cze Char menu. I enjoyed the first dish of Double Boiled Shark’s Fin with Pumpkin and Pork Ribs Soup – 金瓜排翅炖排骨 ($28 per person. Pre order of 1 day required). Warm, hearty with a good amount of savoury concentrated scallop bouillon tucked within, the broth was mildly peppered with a tinge of sweetness laced throughout.


I was half amused that the Cze Char Restaurant had a separate drinks ordering system. Functioning more like a coffee shop with the drink stall uncle going around the restaurant tables with a menu, it was a little tricky trying to get his attention. I didn’t know why I ordered Ribena in the end. Maybe I was just feeling nostalgic for the day.

One Ocean Seafood 2013-8

A dish finely executed, and something that you can order along side a spectrum of other cze char dishes is the Salted Egg Golden Flake Prawns – 咸蛋金薯虾球 ($25). The unique aspect of this dish is that the coating is made with dried mashed potato, although one may be fooled visually in thinking it was cereal or fine crushed oats. The mashed potato coating was a good complement to the salted egg flavours, with a fragrant spicy sweet aroma throughout. The prawns were fresh, crunchy and juicy, making this dish a clear favourite for the night.


The Golden Mashed Potato Roll – 奶皇薯泥卷 ($12) was a serving of beancurd skin rolled with mashed potato, scallops and cucumber. The sauce was pumpkin rich tinged with essence of curry. It was, interesting. Though I would enjoy the entire dish without the sauce.


The Chinese favourite of Scallop with greens is given a twist with the incorporation of Italian Herb Paste in the mix. Italian Scallops – 意式香草炒带子($18) sees a good serving of scallops, snow peas, mushroom, and water chestnut stir fried together in lively herbs that accentuated a varied degree of sweetness throughout. I did not go for this dish, as the bridge between Italian and Chinese was something a little more acquired for me.


Another favourite for the night is the Milk Cabbage and Beancurd Skin with Scallop Broth – 干贝豆皮奶白 ($18). The gravy, made and thickened with concentrated scallop bouillon is a hearty offering, with marvelous portions of beancurd skin is both crisp and meaty textures. I am an outright fan for beancurd skin so this was the dish for me. The milk cabbage at the bottom was almost secondary considering my bias. Good with rice, I could enjoy this all on my own.


To end off dinner for the night, I was finally served the Italiana Crabs – 意式香草螃蟹 ($5/100g). The choice of Italiana Herb Paste made a lot more sense here as it brought out the sweetness of crab nicely, while complementing the dish entirely in smacks of aroma and finger lickin’ creaminess. Definitely a sight to behold.

The Cze Char dinner at One Ocean Seafood Restaurant was a quaint experience considering the journey there as well as the choice of unique ingredients to recreate classics and favourites. There were distinct favourites for me, and I reckon to say that just from this alone, their regular menu must feature some really good dishes to attract such a loyal crowd time and time again. With family friendly prices and very decent portions, this could be the next place to consider for the Cze Char night out. How about it?

Thank you Unilever Food Solutions for the invitation

One Ocean Seafood Restaurant
1002 Toa Payoh Industrial Park
#01-1407 (within the coffeeshop)
Tel: 6256 3973

Opens from:
11am – 2.30pm
5.30pm – 11pm