“One Night in Langkawi” with Chef Sho Naganuma on the Asian Food Channel!


Come Monday, 17 June 10pm, Executive Chef Sho Naganuma of the exquisite Japanese restaurant Hide Yamamoto at Marina Bay Sands, will premiere in The Asian Food Channel’s “One Night in Langkawi”. The one hour episode, features Chef Sho, with a task to cook seven grand beachfront dinners over seven days at the Four Seasons Resort Langkawi. Filmed in conjunction with the launch of BMW’s latest 7 series car, the show will see Chef Sho under intense pressure with unforeseen challenges seemingly to stop him in his path.

For a glimpse at the food that will be served, check out the full article!


The external dining area at Hide Yamamoto


As Executive Chef of Hide Yamamoto, Chef Sho Naganuma believes in using the finest and freshest produce for his dishes. From his signature Grilled Baby Poussin with Truffle Rice, it is evident that his culinary style is clean cut and simple, with full focus towards bringing out the natural flavours of each ingredient in unbridled harmony. From there, he takes on an adventurous outlook in playing with ingredients to demonstrate contemporary flavours on traditional Japanese cuisine.


 Fedora 2011 to accompany the Chawanmushi


I was quite taken aback by Chef’s first dish of Chanwanmushi with Truffle Oil and Uni. The marriage of flavours was extremely clear, and beautiful shade of savoury from the steaming hot egg custard is well complemented by earthy truffle scents. The touch of fresh sea urchin by the side gave away a tone of sea sweetness that completed the experience. Excellent.


The second course for the meal saw a serving of sushi freshly prepared before us. A block of chutoro was presented, with chef deftly slicing each piece.


 Freshly prepared sushi


The combination of Chutoro, Sweet Prawn and Salmon Roe was a presentation of clear sea sweet flavours ending with bursts of salty delights at the end. The taste of the vinegared rice was light and a good complement to the fish slices. I placed the whole chutoro in the mouth, and allowed it to slowly unravel its flavours along the tastebuds.


One more for the camera.


Bourgogne Chardonnay 2010


Good food goes with fine wine. Crisp, clear, with smoother notes running down.


The charcoal is burning a beautiful red.


One of Chef’s signatures, the Baby Poussin with Truffle Rice being given the final browning touches over the heated charcoal.


Shavings of Truffle generously grated onto the chicken


This was one dish that symbolized light savoury flavours with notes of deep groundedness waiting to burst out. As you enjoy the tender chicken meat, discover the momentary subtleness of flavour, and then immediately crave for a stronger lasting roasted sweetness to emerge. That play on what is just the ordinary is indeed memorable. And to pair the meat, savour the truffle butter rice stuffed within.


 One more for the picture book


The final dish for my meal was the Oshiruko. Matcha ice cream, chocolate, red bean come together in creative sweetness. Nice.


 Me and Chef Sho Naganuma


The dishes above are just a prelude to what is available on the show. “One Night in Langkawi – Sho Naganuma” premiers the coming Monday 17 June at 10pm on the Asian Food Channel, Starhub TV Channel 435. From the experience going through Chef Naganuma’s dishes, I would call the flavours light and flavourfully interesting. It gives me appetite to see what else the restaurant can serve to tickle guests’ tastebuds even further. “One Night in Langkawi” will be a good first stop to discover a little more about the culinary maestro running the kitchens at Singapore’s Hide Yamamoto. It’s always great to know more about the artist behind the food.

Many thanks to the Asian Food Channel for the invitation.

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