Oiishi Sushi! Possibly Singapore’s Best Sushi Shop.

DSCF6253 Sushi Kikuzawa Pte Ltd
360, Orchard Road #02-13
International Building
Tel/Fax : 6738 3833
Business Hours : 12.00-3.00pm    6.00-10.00pm
J2K3 Award Winner

Experience the beauty of the rice complementing the sushi as a whole! Immerse your tastebuds in a refreshing delight.


 Mixed Sashimi Salad

Imagine taking that first bite into the sushi. Imagine a myriad of flavours bursting through your mouth, tingling your senses. Feel the warm sushi rice complementing the delicately sliced fresh fish. Take savour as the soothing vinegar from the rice emerge, broadly stretching the full flavour of the entire sushi. And partake the goodness of the creation from the Master’s hand.


Chef/Owner Kikuzawa Masakatsu (left) behind the counter. The setting of the typical Japanese Sushi Shop is complete with the Chef dressed in a suit with tie and an overcoat.

Sushi Kikuzawa was introduced to me by my Uncle KY. It has been established in Singapore for over 5 years already and directly opposite the prominent Koka steamboat at International Building. However, this was my first time in sampling the cuisine which it served. The lunch we had was a buffet where all we had to do was just sit there and wait. Master Kikuzawa would then start the course throughout from beginning to the end with hand made sushi served right to your plate.

Honestly, I have eaten in many Japanese restaurants and have tasted sushi from there and even common established chains. Once you have tried the sushi from Kikuzawa, I believe your perspective of how the delicate sushi is supposed to taste like will change.

My first bite into the Maguro Sushi was startling!

The rice broke easily in my mouth and it was warm. The delicate flavour of vinegar kicked into action and brought out the flavour of the tuna. The tuna itself crumbled easily with each bite. And I can say that it was a fascinating experience.


Unagi Nigiri Sushi, Salmon Nigiri Sushi (both grilled)

Where there is the normal sushi, also ask for the grilled sushi where available to certain varieties. The added smoky flavour and the increased texture would change your dining experience.


Ume & Perilla Maki

Sushi Kikuzawa serves a wide range of different kinds of sushi, from nigiris, temakis to makis. There is of course also the other staples such as udons and dons but I strongly recommend that you stick to the sushi buffet throughout. Be a purist, come on.

And of course, for quality sushi, be prepared to pay a little more than what you would at the regular sushi chain outlet. For 3 people, we paid a total of nearly $150 for a weekend lunch buffet. Dinner would naturally cost more, but along with it you get even more varieties including my utmost crave, the Uni (Sea Urchin) Nigiri Sushi.

However, if you are the kind who goes around looking for varieties beyond sushi or is simply not a rice person, then Sushi Kikuzawa may not be the outlet for you. Believe me, if you want to partake the full pleasures of this place, come prepared with an empty stomach. Hmmm, don’t eat for two days? My pleasure =)

DSCF6264 Master Kikuzawa Masakatsu – Arigato!

Some Of The Wide Varieties Available In The Menu






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Lunch Buffet  
Mon-Fri Sat, Sun, Public Holidays
Adult : $29.90 Adult : $39.90
Child : $19.90 Child : $22.00
Dinner Buffet  
Mon-Fri Sat, Sun, Public Holidays
Adult : $39.90 Adult : $48.00
Child : $22.00 Child : $25.00
  • Child Age 3-6 : $12.00.
  • Child Age 7-11 : Child Price
  • Prices are subjected to 10% service charge and prevailing GST.


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