Now, If There Was Only Horse Riding At The Coffee Club..

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I was over at Kinokuniya the other day looking for a Thomas the Train storybook to give my little cousin for his birthday. The section catered to children and teens were a natural mayhem with kids “walking” here and there flipping open books, plopping themselves onto the floor in the middle of the aisle just to gaze at the pictures or pleading with that “I need it” eyes to the parents.


And while the children are left to play in the storyland of books and magical wonders, I guess that the presence of the Coffee Club conveniently located next to the children’s section is perhaps a good pitstop for weary parents to refuel or even to people watch.


I first ordered the Hawaiian Focaccia ($8.50) as I was looking for something light to eat. It was a very simple dish with toasted crusty bread topped with that familiar spaghetti sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham and a good topping of arugula. It reminded me of the appetizer I had at La Strada though naturally the latter was more unique and creative.


Mum had the Banana Butterscotch Latte ($6.20). Enjoy the froth, give it a good stir the then slowly sip the mild fragrant essence down. Comes with a piece of shortbread.

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For the main, we both shared a Sandwich Royale ($14.50). A good stuffing of ingredients is generously given with shrimps, panfried chicken, slices of avocado and mozzarella and a sprinkling of arugula. Pair it with the sweet sour sauce dip for that zesty flavour. While all sounds fantastic, it would be much better if they had used fresh avocado that was crisp to the bite and not left warm and soggy.

Plus points goes to the accompanying salad though. Thank gosh I didn’t catch it dressing.


And for the desserts, I called for a unique Raspberry Ice Parfait ($9.90). Beautiful and simple in presentation though I really thought the Ice Parfait could do with more work as it was a mix of tastelessness, sourness and sweetness. Imagine that. The sugar sticks were a decadent delight though.

Hmmm, enough of the food. I should get back to finding my cousin’s Thomas the Train book.