Nature's Purple Passion


Now who knew I would have a cube of amethyst lying around the house. This purple passion is truly a work of art from Nature and through the dexterous craftsmanship of a skilled messier, a beautiful cuboid is hewed right off the rock.


Its very unique how this striking piece of amethyst is able to give off a glow when seen in the sunlight (look above) – As though within the gemstone itself there was a light bulb shining its way out. Such a wonder.


Historically believed by the Ancient Greeks and Romans as a jewel that prevents harm and intoxication, it was much sought after by the nobles. Furthermore, the stone itself represents understanding, knowledge, and philosophy. 


However, this purple beauty is found in various hues as well. There are amethyst in brown, yellow, red and even pink. Just imagine a string of amethyst in different colours but all cut similarly. It would be almost like a glittering rainbow of mystical wonder.


For all you February babies out there, this is the gemstone that represents your month. A jewel with its extravagance in violet.

An exquisite collection from my mum’s humble treasure cove.