Nasi Biryani dum mutton – burp!

DSCF5499 Teh Tarik Makan House
Woodlands Street 31,
opposite Woodlands Polyclinic

Flavoursome Birayni that stands out in its own right.


Nasi Biryani Dum Mutton

My venture into the Biryani territory has never been adventurous. So far, my most distinct memory of a good biryani would be the one at Shami Banana Leaf Delights located at Northpoint, Yishun. Now, what would Biryani Dum Mutton mean? I hardly think its your typical biryani found at the local coffeeshop, but from what I discovered, it is actually biryani with the mutton meat cooked inside. Just imagine, the flavoursome juices of the meat flowing through the fragrant basmanti rice. Mmmmm!


Generous portions of surprisingly soft mutton pieces!

Lovingly, the mutton meat in the Biryani was tender, leaving a wonderful hearty feeling in each bite. If you prefer chicken over mutton, there is always the Nasi Biryani Dum Ayam, although they don’t cook it together with the rice. The biryani was not overly laden with spices and herbs. Instead, each spoonful of the rice was just right with a hint of saffron in it. The generous Achar (pickled vegetables) was also an ideal compliment to the meal.

Still, where are my papadums and cashew nuts (more often than accompanied in the rice)?

Price for Nasi Biryani Dum Mutton – $5.00 tickticktickticktick1


Teh Cino – Your local milk tea latte


Tahu Goreng – Its been a long time my friend!

For too long have I not eaten Tahu Goreng, and for too long have I been looking for Tahu Telor. The discovery of this dish at Teh Tarik Makan House was more of a sudden craving to eat tofu in spicy sauce. Yes, craving. This serving was very generous in the peanut sauce, and while it was not too thick or salty, the moderate tinge of spiciness will be able to give anyone a good kick (not in the shins, mind you.)

Beansprouts for those who love it, are given by the large handful. And for those tofu fanatics out there who insist that Tahu Goreng must have a tahu which is soft on the inside, this is the palce to get it. I insist that when you come here to eat your Nasi Biryani, get the Tahu Goreng and add some vegetables (its made of soy remember) into your diet.

Price for Tahu Goreng – $2.50 tickticktickticktick


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