Nana’s Green Tea Cafe – Welcoming The New Generation of Matcha Drinkers!


When it comes to looking for a cafe to chill out and relax, the most common form in mind would be Starbucks for their cool and chillax atmosphere. But where coffee might not be your cup of tea, and you are looking for something unique with a Japanese twist, Nana’s Green Tea Cafe at the new wing of Plaza Singapura might be the very place to visit. Established a decade ago in Tokyo, Nana’s Green Tea Cafe at Plaza Singapura is the chain’s latest flagship outlet for the country. With matcha straight from Kyoto to tease tastebuds with the brilliance of bitter neutral, smoky fresh flavours, this is one green tea cafe that is all set to welcome the new generation of matcha drinkers.

The very drink that I will order the next time I visit is definitely the Matcha Latte with Kuromitsu Syrup ($7.00). The slushy green tea drink topped with heavenly whipped cream and brown sugar syrup is a beautiful blend of bitter sweet together with the flavours of green tea that is not overly sweetened like a bottled drink. Crisp and refreshing with the right amount of cream to tell you this is pure indulgence, this is one drink that should be the hallmark of the cafe.


For something a little different, there is the Hoji Chocolate Latte ($8.00). Hoji is green tea that has undergone a beautiful process of roasting. While the colour is not a simple reduction of burning the tea leaves, the process gives the drink a stronger smoky flavour. Though I would have reckon it tasted cleaner and lighter than the matcha latte. Have it hot with chocolate sauce to make your day.


Apart from just matcha drinks, the flagship outlet at Plaza Singapura has an expanded menu to cater to guests who want savoury bites as well. There is the Maguro & Avocado Sushi Roll (4pc $5.80, 8pc $10). Decent, but really only if you want to eat sushi at this place.


Or if you desire something stronger with a bite, there is the Terriyaki Eel Donburi.


For an appetizer, there is the Salmon Carpaccio ($8.80). Freshly cut salmon with drizzles of light soy. The chef was a little heavy on the oil that day, masking the flavours of the fish quite a bit.


Alternatively, there is the Ebi Fried ($6.80). Decent, deep fried prawn coated in a bread crumb batter.


Something that impressed me was the Locomoko Don ($15.80). This rice bowl with meat patty made of beef and pork, comes with a fried egg and a tomato gravy that strikingly resembles a deeper flavoured bolognaise sauce. I especially enjoyed the tender meat patty with the rice, and the tomato flavours from the sauce simply brightened the flavours by throwing umami richness into the mix. A simple but comforting combination through and through.


For a dessert to share, go for the Matcha Shiratama Parfait ($11.80). It comes in a tall parfait glass that has enough for two persons comfortably or 4 if each of you are small eaters who just want to pass time and chit chat. Slightly sweet with luxurious matcha sugar syrup cascading down the dallop of whipped cream, this is one heavenly dessert. Break further within and tackle the shiratama (rice balls) underneath. Go another layer and discover the crispy cornflakes. Better still, experience the jelly pieces at the bottom for that wobbly texture.

If you prefer something sweeter, consider the Hojicha Shiratama Parfait. I had this the second time I went back with my friends and it was much cleaner to the palate.


Look at that parfait!


If all drinks are not your fancy, there is a excellent range of teas as well. I tried both the brown rice and hojicha, and thought that the brown rice carried a lovely earthy fragrance that exudes smokiness in deeper notes than the hojicha.



Dining at Nana’s Green Tea Cafe proved to be an excellent experience during both my visits. It is the place I thought of if a group wants some nice desserts that is delectable for all.  A quaint place to return for their matcha drinks and desserts, and their mains if I am really hungry. Enjoying the ice cream from the parfait reminded me when I was in the streets of Kyoto enjoying matcha ice cream before taking a long walk down the philosopher’s path. Dining here then becomes not just an experience for the food, but a recollection of a lovely memory from Japan.

Thank you Nana’s Green Tea Cafe for the invitation

Nana’s Green Tea Cafe
The Atrium@Orchard
Plaza Singapura
60B Orchard Road
Singapore 238891
Tel: 6684 4312

Opens From:
Last order 9.30pm