Mooncakes of Timeless Tradition from Li Bai, Sheraton Towers Singapore!


The ever popular Cantonese restaurant Li Bai at the Sheraton Towers Singapore is upping its ante this year with a spread of delectable new mooncakes baked in the traditional crust. Special this year are flavours like Mixed Nuts with Iberico Ham; Yellow Lotus Seed Paste with Black Dates, Dried Longan and Wolfberries; and the Green Tea and Black Sesame Lotus Seed Paste with Melon Seeds. Each offering something to choose from for those with a sweet or savoury tooth.


The mooncakes from Li Bai make a perfect gift with its beautifully textured classic red box and shiny gold clasp. With mooncake flavours becoming increasingly competitive each year, the ultimate distinguishing factor might just be the packaging the festive treats come in.


Li Bai 


Tucked neatly within the red case sits each mooncake, separated in their own compartment.


The most unique flavour for me is the Mixed Nuts with Iberico Ham (Box of 4 for $60). As a fan of all things savoury, crunchy and perhaps a dash of sweetness, this is one mooncake that strikes a wonderful balance in both flavour and texture. The unmistakable salty fragrance from the iberico ham is well complemented with the sweet and grounded filling. It will go well with those who prefer the deep scent of all things savoury any day.


The White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Egg Yolk (Box of 4 for $57) is one timeless tradition that will probably not go out of fashion. Notably, the mooncake here is also very easy to slice, revealing an almost perfect smooth interior with a well centred yolk. Best for those who like the visual impression. And if you like to have more yolk in your mooncake, the double egg yolk goes for $57 for a box of 4.


The Green Tea and Black Sesame Lotus Seed Paste with Melon Seeds (Box of 4 for $57) is a unique blend of two flavours ranging from the slightly bittersweet tea and the earthy fragrance of black sesame. An interesting touch, with just that right bit of smokiness from the sesame. The Yellow Lotus Seed Paste with Black Dates, Dried Logan and Wolfberries (Box of 4 for $57) is however very much ordinary. The sweetness from the lotus seed paste masks most of the flavour from the dates, logans or wolfberries. Good if you like it very simple, but I would choose the more traditional offering or something that is more exquisite.


Li Bai’s mooncakes will be available for sale at the restaurant and the hotel’s lobby from now till 19th September 2013. Booths are also set up at Change Alley, Takashimaya, and Junction 8. Participating credit cardholders are entitled to a 15% discount. Order and make payment anytime before 4th September and enjoy a 25% discount if you order a minimum of 10 boxes. For enquiries, contact 6737 6888.

Thank you Sheraton Towers Singapore for the mooncakes