Mooncake Special : The Vibrancy of Xin Cuisine’s Artisan Snowskin Mooncakes!


The vibrancy of Mid-Autumn Colours come strong with Holiday Inn Atrium Xin Cuisine’s rendition of their snowskin mooncakes this year! Decked in intense hues of White, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple and Brown, the snowskin mooncakes are a beauty to behold. The Splendours of Mid-Autumn mooncakes while traditional taken with tea, can be fittingly matched with a good bottle of wine.


The packaging for the snowskin mooncakes this year are really pretty. Slender pink box, with checked textures laced with the occasional streak of floral design or two, really make the mooncakes a perfect gift.


6 distinct flavours are featured this year, and each one sounds more exciting then the previous. They are :

  • White : Mini Snowskin Mooncake with Champagne Chocolate & Pandan Lotus Paste
  • Pink : Mini Snowskin Mooncake with Soursop and Chocolate Crunch
  • Green : Mini Snowskin Mooncake with Black Truffle, Walnut and White Lotus Seed Paste
  • Blue : Mini Snowskin Peranankan Mooncake with Durian Paste
  • Purple : Mini Snowskin Mooncake with Lavender Chocolate and Chempedak Lotus Paste
  • Brown : Mini Snowskin Mooncake with Rum and Raisin Chocolate and Chinese Dates Paste


The flavours are certainly a novelty, and perhaps the most memorable one was the Durian paste variant. Maybe it was due to the intense flavours from the durian, but I thought that it was silky smooth with a delicate balance of sweetness not overpowering in each bite. Pairing it with the bottle of Prosecco which I got really cleared any lasting flavours with each sip, only to leave a refreshing palate for the next bite of enjoyment.


Kudos really goes to the team for deftly crafting the snowskin. The focus was a clear balance between the softness of the skin with the filling never overpowering the imagined flavour to come. I was really surprised as I wrote this article that the Green Mooncake was actually a combination of Truffle and White lotus paste. I tasted more of the white lotus paste as I shared the mooncake with my grandmother who I believe managed to get a taste of the exquisite truffle blend within.


The Mini Snowskin Mooncakes are now available for $48 for a box of 6 pieces. For more information on the pricing of traditional mooncakes and other special promotions, do check out their mooncake menu available at their Facebook page!

Many thanks to Xin Cuisine for the mooncakes!