Mooncake Special : Swensen’s Ice Cream Mooncakes, Divine Chilled Sweetness!


The Mid-Autumn Festival beckons us all in Singapore with restaurants and bakeries displaying the festive Mooncakes for all to enjoy and remember the legends behind it. Traditionally given to friends and families as gifts, and enjoyed with cups of tea, mooncakes in Singapore have developed to more than just the classical baked skin variant with the lotus paste filling. Swensen’s Singapore is presenting its own flair this year with their range of delectable and tempting Ice Cream mooncakes!

I tried the Strawberry Fields Forever and Sticky Chewy Chocolate selection, and personally I really enjoyed the Strawberry creation. Smooth and creamy with the luscious scent of juicy strawberries unmistakably alluring the senses, the Strawberry Fields Forever is a delightful hit! I shared some with my little cousin Zhao Yi and he really enjoyed it. Both of us did come to an agreement that the Sticky Chewy Chocolate was a little too sweet for either of our liking. Although chocolate is always a fail safe ingredients, the balance in sugar to the sticky ratio was a little strong. Though, the stickiness makes the ice cream mooncakes a “ngiam ngiam” (imagine stickiness in the mouth) event to go through!


Each box of 4 mooncakes comes with a choice of 6 flavours :

  • Strawberry Fields Forever
  • Durian Royale
  • Yummy Yam
  • Sticky Chewy Chocolate
  • Cookies N Cream Dreams
  • Mocha Almond Delight

It’s currently being sold at $29.80 a box, and individual pieces cost $8.60 a piece. Available from 11th August to the 30th September, the ice cream mooncakes will be available at all Swensen’s outlets.

Thank you Swensen’s for the mooncakes