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Ok, I have to admit. This is my first time being to Aerins. The restaurant has always attracted me because it surrounds the fountain right in the middle of the court at Raffles City Shopping Centre. And for such a quaint ambience, I had my mind settled on dining there this time.

The decor is simple and sparse, relying much on the open spaces as a key feature and the calming waters as a soothing show.

The first order was Linguine Frutti di Mare ($16), one of Aerin’s signature dishes. For pastas, I mostly insist on non-seafood and natural dishes to taste the true flavours of the noodles itself. But this is one of the few times which I ordered a seafood pasta of prawns, mussels, squid in a tomato cream sauce.

I was displeased that it didn’t look like what the menu photographed portrayed it to look like. The “high tower” in which the pasta was created to look like looked like a fallen debris with remnants all around.

Still, the flavours are there with a good seafood taste that could have been better with a nicer presentation.

Pear & Brie salad ($9) was a step on my part to stay healthy. And the combination of roasted pear, brie cheese, walnuts, greens and honey mustard dressing seemed attractive enough. The roasted pear itself was a delectable delight and somehow while the dish looked “apart”, it was quite together in flavours. And the slices of brie cheese, mmmm =)

IMG_6638 IMG_6658

For the sides, there was also an order of Chunky Fries ($3). Smoked paprika and garlic salt encrusted each and every thick wedge of potatoes that has been deep fried to a crisp yet firm flaky piece. The Champs Treat ($5) of milo, milk, vanilla, honey & cinammon that was ordered along was comforting, yet strangely familiar to a good hot cocoa from home.

IMG_6651 IMG_6654

The Cafe Latte ($5) was also presented exquisitely with a decorative foam pattern. Smooth and not bitter, this is one drink that can hardly go wrong. Yet for the Tuscan Bruschetta ($6), the serving of chopped tomatoes, garlic, basil, and extra virgin olive oil on pieces of grilled ciabatta was rather ordinary in both presentation and flavour, making the dish hardly worth the $6.

Maybe its the dishes that I ordered was wrong. The restaurant on its own looks promising enough and the food is certainly that of fine casual fare to tempt weary shoppers. When it comes to the ambience, I had a great time relaxing in one corner while enjoying the musical dances which the fountain played. All, while sipping that relaxing cup of hot latte.

IMG_6624 Aerin’s
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Center
Tel : 6337 2231

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