Ming Kee Chicken Rice, A Flawless Meaty Adventure


I can’t believe I actually queued for 25minutes for a plate of chicken rice! Ok fine, while my queue at Ippudo Ramen was slightly longer (at about 45 minutes), this is still after all chicken rice, at a coffeeshop.

But if you follow the old adage that all good things come with a wait, then it is most certain that this particular dish whipped up by the stall (Bugis St) Ming Kee Chicken Rice is well worth it.

My comments on the chicken – Flawless skin, superb gelatinous fat, and almost neutral tasting tender meat that goes well with the mix of light soy sauce and sesame oil. I made a particular choice for the upper thigh area of the chicken, so my dish came to $5.00. A standard dish with no choice of parts would cost $3.00. And I do have to note that they certainly are generous with the chicken portions. Its so hard to find stalls not layering the slices of chicken meat.

Ming Kee’s chicken is probably what draws the crowd back over and over again. And it comes with no surprise that such a crowd pleaser would employ the technique of chilling the chicken in ice cold water to retain its juciness and cease the cooking process to maximise tenderness.

When it comes to the rice, I found it particularly a little oily and not astoundingly fragrant that would immediately whet your appetite. However the flavour develops in a few stages. The first bite would be the revealation of the oily rice. The next chew would break the rice skins to allow the essence of the ingredients to flow out. And the final few chews would give way to a full bodied and textured chicken rice.

Depends on how you like your chicken rice, I reckon.

However, the chilli dip is not your standard spicy chilli padi creation. Instead, a more robust red colour in the sauce is presented and the chilli looks a little watered down and absent of a perceived orange hue. Not the best, but acceptable.

So after that queue for 25 minutes, I still think that this chicken rice is worth waiting for once in a while if you want to get that kick out of enjoying flawless smooth chicken. But if you seriously abhor watching the clock tick, than maybe you might enjoy the chicken rice stalls along Upper Thomson Road. If, you intend to make the visit.

IMG_4372 (Bugis St) Ming Kee Chicken Rice – Porridge
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