Manpuku, excellent? yes or no?

DSCF5975 Manpuku Japanese Gourmet Town
#03-16/17/18 Tampines 1
10 Tampines Central 1


Excellent concept, wide variety, tastes above average and a tad overpriced.


Zaru Udon

Every Japanese restaurant I go to, I somehow feel that I must order a set of cold noodles. Be it the soba or udon. And it is with great delight that the Zaru Udon at Manpuku did not disappoint in terms of quality.

The texture of the noodles gave way to a firm bite, and one would require to chew a little. Being handmade, it was very well done. The accompanying sauce dip was neither too salty nor sweet and the garnishes of ginger and spring onion added to the flavour.


Ginger and Spring Onion garnishes to the udon. 

However, for a price of $7.80, one would expect that at least more noodles were given. I felt that the portion was way too small and hardly what I would call a value for money on the customer’s side.

Price : $7.80   Rating : 


Grilled Teriyaki Scallop & Unagi Musubi (rice ball) 

I saw the grilled section and was rather excited by it. There was a wide spread to choose from and the presentation of the stall was simply an eye candy. But then, that’s where the optimism ended. I ordered a Grilled Teriyaki Scallop and an Unagi rice ball. Both were dismal in presentation and flavour.


The unagi rice ball looked small and hopeless, and the portion of eel was smaller than a spoon. The scallop should have been grilled even longer and they should have topped the dish off with some garnishes.

Price : $2.50 for Grilled Teriyaki Scallop  Rating : 

Price : $2.50 for Unagi Rice Ball  Rating : 


 Moon Light Special Okos

Now this is something unique! I have never heard of Okos, so while tasting it I presumed that it is some sort of Japanese pancake with plenty of stuffing inside. The name itself “Moon Light Special Okos” intrigued me and the way the dish was presented was excellent.

There was a generous portion of fresh prawns (Really fresh) and squid in the pancake which was almost heavenly. A slight crunch could be felt here and there with the inclusion of chopped onions.


And while eating this I thought “Now this is something I won’t mind paying for”. Somehow the unagi rice ball just left a bad impression on me. So if you ever visit Manpuku, perhaps the Okos should be something on your hungry list.

Price : $12.80 Rating : 

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