Make Your Own Tofu Day


Deliciously made Home Cooked Tofu – Technology from Japan

Its not everyday you would want to make your own tofu. There is alot of processes involved such as making the soya milk first and then boiling it to separate the curd and then…just a lot of processes. Well, my Uncle who resides in Japan brought back this little cool steampot of his that simply made tofu in just a few steps.


It was rather amazing. You simply measured out approximately 250ml of soya milk (bought from the supermarket of course) and then add in hot water. Mix in their packet of liquid coagulant, and then leave to cook over in this little pot (pictured above) over a flame.


A rather fast and easy process for all you tofu lovers. Still, I think I didn’t cook it long enough as it turned out a bit tauhuay (soya beancurd) like. I enjoyed it especially with the salt provided. What an adventure! Your own tofu!


Romance of the Three Salts.