Lets Give A Hand To The Handburger


The Handburger is not your typical fast food joint. While it serves up the traditional burgers, a la gourmet style, the price it calls for is akin to a full fledge set meal from a casual Western restaurant.

I called for The Works burger ($16.80) as it sounded to me that this is one burger that will come with the best of everything at The Handburger.


The idea of Grilled 180g 100 % NZ Beef, topped with beer battered onion rings, crispy bacon,  sunny side up egg,  sauteed basil pesto mushroom, sweet onion jam, cheddar cheese, handmade barbecue and aioli sauce on a bed of coral lettuce, tomato on a caramelised onion bun sounded way too good.

When the dish came, I had trouble fitting everything in one hand so with disgruntled effort, took the knife and fork and started slicing my way through. Whoever heard of eating burgers with a knife and fork?

Taste wise, the patty was very good. Tender, sweet and juicy, it was the patty of all patties. Making other fast food joints look pale in comparison. Other than which, I didn’t find the burger overly impressing. Now maybe that Portobello burger would have been better?


The fries is also worth mentioning. Heavy, thick, with a savoury taste that does not leave you feeling oily, the fries were good to the last bit.


The Lychee Mint Crush ($3.50) was more crushed ice with mint than the sweet taste of lychee. Apart from that, nothing else to complain as each sip will hint towards a brain freeze with a cool refreshing feeling to the tummy.


For a burger, the price paid is a little steep. Unless you are the sort who goes for the classic true gourmet type of burgers and will call a burger a full satisfying lunch, The Handburger is probably  more of your traditional restaurant which looks like a fast food outlet.

Service is generally ok, but seating arrangements is not something that will give you privacy as you would be a foot away from the next table. Still, it is a novel idea to try out gourmet burgers and creations that are apart from the usual big M and King.

IMG_2273 The Handburger

The Big, Gourmet Burgers Are Here A Callin’

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