Le Grand Chef – Master The Kitchen

It seems like the cooking trend is catching on in Singapore with Le Grand Chef by OSAC International College being the latest kid on the block. Last Saturday, a mystery pastry class was conducted by Ms Cecilia Hough at the newly opened school. Located amidst the lanes of Telok Kurau, Le Grand Chef aims for you to be inspired by Professional chefs in creating that perfect culinary moment right at home. Can we all be Masters?


There is something simply decadent of baking cupcakes, especially those with deep dark chocolate and a lively amount of cream cheese frosting. Cecilia taught the class two recipes for the day, and one of them was the Chocolate Cupcake with Cream Cheese and Fresh Vanilla.

And yes, these were cupcakes that I made. Yummy? Mmmmm =)

Guess now what is made from Passion fruit and bananas.

If you were any close to a Banana cake you are right, this Passionfruit Banana Cake is simply the fruity of the fruity. Marbled top layer of banana with a very nice warm interior filled with chunks of banana and crunchy passionfruit seeds which gave that occasional tartness in each bite. I am guilty in finishing half of it. Seriously guilty.

To keep it all real, here is Cecilia Hough with Vernessa from OSAC.

As almost all cooking classes, after the demonstration is the hands on part where everything starts to get messy and flour flying everywhere!

Cecilia’s Passionfruit Banana Cake sliced and all ready. For her own cake, she glazed the top with a good doze of maple syrup for that shine and sweetness.

Demonstrating on how much cream cheese infused with fresh vanilla to pipe out onto each cupcake.

Not too much, until each cupcake is about 70% filled.

Voila, the final product from Cecilia! Looks good. Especially that cream cheese. Mmmmm =)

Le Grand Chef offers cooking lessons for that aspiring chef wannabe, Corporate events and maybe that birthday party that is oh so unique. A full range of courses available are at their website. A fun activity for all of the participants that day, though it was tiring and then there was that little something that involved soap. But that’s the whole process of cooking =)

Thank you Vernessa for the invitation.

Le Grand Chef

1 Lorong J, Telok Kurau, Singapore 425792

Tel : 63445178

Website : http://www.legrandchef.com.sg/ Facebook: Le Grand Chef