Lao Ban Tau Huay, Old Airport Road Hawker Center.

Traversing to Old Airport Road Hawker Center seems to be all the more easier now when you take the Circle Line to Dakota MRT station and then a short 10 minutes walk. In the search of good food, my friend Jianyi cajoled me to stop by the hawker center for Lao Ban Tau Huay since it seems to be ever so popular and I have yet to even visit the area. And with all good things come a queue, purchasing tau huay from Lao Ban is a patient affair. So how did I find it?

Well, the soya beancurd is definitely not what you would expect in terms of texture from the soya bean dessert stalls like Mr. Bean or Jollibean. Its texture is more pudding like with a firmer consistency but when placed in the mouth it crumbles and melts. The sweetness from the sugar syrup is well permeated throughout the whole serving, leaving it a delight to begin with and to finish.

The original goes for $1.50 while the almond variant goes at $2. It is a very good soya beancurd which is only sold chilled. Though some might not appreciate its jelly-pudding like texture, I would have to say this is something I would ask my friends to help me buy if they are in the area. And though it being my first visit, I ordered 10 bowls for all to share back home.

But really, is 1 bowl each enough?

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd
51 Old Airport Road
Old Airport Road Food Centre

Tel : 8181 2201