La Fromagerie – Tucking Into Cheese & Ham At Holland Village


Today has been a very wild day for me. Ok perhaps not so much so to the extent of non stop partying or rough-horsing, but rather it was my inaugural journey to Holland Village, in the blasted midday sun which sapped so much of my energy. But, while the feet are tired and the sole is weary, who would have guessed that I would have chanced upon a little shoppe with a glaring header, “Cheese Shop” And believe me, I was excited.

Rows of cheese, ok maybe not rows to the extent of endlessness, but more cheese than I have ever seen in one sitting. And the first step into the shop, a slight waft of the beautiful cheese aging slowly, ahh, this was a cheese gourmet haven. The best part? There were a few tables, a menu, I knew I had to stop by here, rest, and tickle my tastebuds with the Cheese Platter.

Clockwise : Saint Julien (centre), Gru Yere, Pelardon, Gaperon, Gorgonzola Piccante

The Cheese Platter ($14 per 100g) for today was a selection of cheeses from 5 different families. And in order of tasting, I was recommended to start with the mildest to the strongest and slowly savouring the complex flavours of savouriness, sweetness, saltiness and degrees of pungency with pieces of crisp biscuits, dried fruit and nuts. My platter consisted of Saint Julien (France), Gru Yere (Swiss), Pelardon (France), Gaperon (France), Gorgonzola Piccante (Italy).


Gaperon – Look at its creaminess in the centre.

The Saint Julien was the starter cheese. Sweet, with a little nutty taste and a slight creamy but firm texture, it is one cheese that would be a delight for anybody. The Gru yere is a little bit stronger in flavour, and it is hard to the touch. I could easily make thin slices of it to top on the biscuit. A tinge of sweetness with a touch of saltiness that spreads to the sides of the mouth, this was nice.

Pelardon is made from Goat’s milk, and the coat of white mould on it hides the softer texture within. Rounded in taste, the light pungency only lingers momentarily and then slowly dissipates. I guess this would be a fine introduction to those wishing to explore further.

And ah the Gaperon. Its hard not to appreciate the presented beauty. It almost looks like the cheese itself would ooze out of its shell any moment now. Very soft and well ripened, this is one cheese that leaves a good impression due to the contrast of a firm casing and viscous interior. The flavour is more intense with earthen notes decorated with saltiness.

Gorgonzola Piccante

The Cheese Platter ends off with the Gorgonzola Piccante, which is probably Italy’s most famous blue cheese. The sharp cheese with a touch of acidity at the end is actually quite pleasant. Strongly flavoured, the taste was very deep from core to the interior. And its blue veins passes off each slice very prettily.

Clockwise : Saucisson Classic, Salchichon Iberico, Duck Rillettes, Parma Ham

And knowing myself, how could I simply stop at the Cheese Platter. I also was dying to try the Charcuterie Platter ($12 per 100g), and when mum was keen, I was all ready to order.

Today’s spread consisted of Salchichon Iberico (Iberico ham sausage style), Parma Ham, Duck Rillettes, Saucisson Classic. The Salchichon Iberico was thich and chunky with a decent blend of saltiness and fat. However, the shaved Iberico ham which I tried as a tapas at SANTI was very different, Silky smooth with the glaze of olive oil, the tender saltiness slowly permeated through the tastebuds leaving a slightly floral impression with each bite. The Parma Ham was okay, though it could be that I am too used to having it served with slices of honey dew for that sweet contrast that I didn’t really go for this serving. It was quite interesting experiencing the saucisson classic. But inarguably the most favourite of all would be the Duck Rilettes. Roughly textured with a good measure of fibrous meat, the meat paste was very fatty and smooth. A delight to the tastebuds, though I guess any doctor would have something to say about it.

La Fromagerie’s also offers wines to go along with the cheeses.


La Fromagerie is a gourmet cheese shop set up by Julien Bompard out of passion. Today’s cheese visit was definitely unique and unexpected. From the selection of cheeses, I have already enjoyed myself immensely. Cheese lovers out there, hark the cheese angels have sung!

La Fromagerie
The Cheese & Gourmet Shop
Blk 43, #01-64, Jalan Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens, Holland Village
Tel: +65 6732 6269