La Bottega del Vasari Chess Set


Art in its finest representation of the glorious battles of the past.

This chess set was a birthday gift from my parents to me when I was 8 years-old. When young, I loved to play chess, be it with dad, uncles and aunties or even friends. So hyped up I was, I went to study from Chess Books and plays by the Masters. I still remember the Bobby Fisher’s opening move in moving the pawn above the right hand knight up by one step and replacing it with the right bishop to enable castling and a strong defense. – Anyway that seems to be my favourite move and I usually start each game as so.

What I love about this set is the detail in which each of the pieces are made. When playing, you can almost feel the heat of the battle – serious.


The Golden Knight out to Charge!

Well this chess set as you see in the picture is a limited production of La Bottega del Vasari (Made in Italy). The pieces are hand-crafted masterpieces and the board itself is made from precious stones.

La Bottega del Vasari was founded by Gianni Inclimona, an artist who traces his ancestry to the renowned 16th century Italian Renaissance artist and architect, Giorgio Vasari. It started in 1975 and specializes in creating artistic statues of historic figures as well as chess sets and pieces which reproduce glorious armies and battles of the past.

All work is carried out by hand by skilled artisans who continue to use the old, traditional methods which have been handed down through generations. The end results are signed collector’s items which are finished with gold and silver.

Art in the finest form is used to recreate the memories of the moment. Perhaps war really is nothing more than a chess game.