Koka Purple Wheat Noodles, Unique Refreshing Flavours In Hued Fancy!

I recently spotted Koka’s latest selection of Purple Wheat Noodles at Cold Storage that day at Holland Village and was intrigued by the range of unique flavours available apart from the usual curry or chicken. The idea of Chilli & Lime, Soy & Vinegar and Aglio Olio while certainly not mind blowing, presents a new spectrum of tasty mixes to delve into. The purple wheat noodles are said to carry more antioxidants, but for me my choice would be to buy it for the flavours instead. Interesting food for thought for a hungry university boy at this hour of the day. And yes, the Chilli & Lime was zesty with a refreshing citrus tang to the mix. The moment of tartness as it envelopes your tastebuds is certainly seductive and would leave you to crave for more. Now, for the Soy & Vinegar, but no. wait. I have to get back to my essay.