Ki-Sho, Exquisite Japanese Omakase by Chef Kazuhiro Hamamoto


Ki-Sho at 29 Scotts Road is one destination for Omakase fans. The restaurant, aptly named ‘aristocratic craftsmanship’ symbolizes the bridge in which Chef Kazuhiro Hamamoto creates between the domains of culinary art and gastronomic flavours. With a selection of two six- and nine-course Omakase set menus, priced respectively at $300++ and $450++ per person, one is almost promised a fine dining experience that will tickle the tastebuds in bursts of freshness and tasteful delights. It will be one night where you’d wish the adventure doesn’t end.


Chef Kazuhiro Hamamoto is Ki-Sho’s Chef de Cuisine. Hailing from Wakayama prefecture, Chef Hamamoto started his culinary journey from Kyoto and trained as a Kaiseki artisan. Eventually, he travelled to Singapore and thereafter joining Waku Ghin at the Marina Bay Sands before joining Ki-Sho. Chef Hamamoto’s humble beginning in Kyoto shows in the omakase he creates, as he tries to stay true to the essence of Kyoto cuisine whilst paired with an exquisite selection of sake which he personally sourced from Japan.


Sake for the night. Experience the subtle yet distinct differences in aroma and intensity as you try the sake from either the sake cup or wine glass.


First up for the night, Chef served up an Usuimame Tofu with Ikura and Wasabi. Classical choices of ingredients from the green pea tofu to the use of salmon roe simply changes the overall flavour as the marriage of salty sweet roe melds with the textured and slightly earthy tofu base. The touch of wasabi at the top freshens things up, preparing one for the next bite. Beautiful, especially during these hot days.