Katong Jago’s Carrot Cake. Crisp. Fragrant. Delish!


Okay, I got to admit that I have not been blogging for nearly a week. While my alter ego a.k.a Mr. Lazy was ruling, my stomach kept reminding me in an Oba-san sort of fashion (nagging) of Katong Jago’s Carrot Cake.

I was on an assignment and one of the pit stops brought me to this coffeeshop. Somehow, nearly every table had a plate of carrot cake, so it had to be good. Right? Its the Singaporean nature to queue, crowd, order everything that is good. And the quirky atmosphere of cramped seats, shimmers of Sunday sunlight peeping through the unfortunately large openings of the striped blue awnings  plus the occasional housefly that takes pride in its flutter from table to table seemingly engages the spirit into the “Master” level – well prepared to enjoy this little red dot’s street side glory in true Singapore fashion.


You know a good Chai Tao Kueh when you see one. Not overtly shining in wads of oil, but instead glistening like a new born baby’s butt (ok fine, I am not exactly very good in analogies, but you get the idea). And the contrast of colour on a simple blue plate focuses full attention onto the carrot cake. Crisp, fragrant and delish! That’s what I would call it. Its Chai Tao Kueh presented Chai Tao Kueh style, prepared in a big black wok instead of a flat pan and instead of having each serving flipped over like a pancake.


Personally, I engage my life more towards the sweet and savoury. So the Black Sweet Sauce version appealed more to me. Its just nice indulging every now and then in something so guiltily good.


High marks goes for Katong Jago’s Carrot Cake. One of the better ones I have eaten around so far. $2.50, $3.00, $4.00. You make the choice.

Now…I have been hearing excellent stories about their Char Kway Teow…..=)

Katong Jago’s Carrot Cake
Fu Sen Eating House
228 East Coast Road

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