Kampong Chicken Rice – Soft, Warm, Satisfying. A taste of home made affordable!

This might just be my second post on Kampong Chicken Rice but this is definitely not my 2nd visit. I guess whenever my family craves for a good homely meal that is quick, affordable, and tasty, Kampong Chicken Rice at 255 Upper Thomson Road would definitely come to mind. It has always been the same dishes that my family has ordered and it has always been good. Soft, tender with a good smear of the light soy sauce and sesame oil all around a nicely balance of Kampong Chicken meat and fats, I hunger for this right now.

Perhaps the main difference now and the last article would be the distinct colour of the Kampong Chicken. Previously, the hue was a bright yellow, but this time round I noticed that the colour seemed to be much lighter. Yet, each piece of chicken meat was very nicely “marbled” with a good portion of juicy slightly sweet savoury meat infused delicately with the fragrance of the sesame oil and light sauce. Biting into the skin gives a touch of softness that complements the overall texture. A well balanced combination of flavours, this plate still gets my two thumbs up! Half Chicken ($12)

And here we have the Ngoh Hiangs again! Some may find this serving to be distinctively different from the meaty full bodied and textured Ngoh Hiangs that they always have, but for Ngoh Hiang lovers who go for the smooth creamy yet meaty punch all throughout, this is a steal. Served crispy and hot, the Ngoh Hiangs are highly recommended by me to be enjoyed both au nature and dipped with Sweet Honey Plum Sauce. $4 a plate.

Veggies are a must for me, so there was an order of Fried Beansprouts. Simple sweet flavours are nicely brought out with the light stir fry and dash of light sauce and seasoning. Quick cooking time also leaves the sprouts with a beautiful crunch and colour that makes the whole dish very, very appealing.

Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House is like what I mentioned before to be a No Frills hawker restaurant. Tasty, friendly prices, in a homely cozy familiar setting, this is cooking from the heart. It has got me hooked, how about you?

Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House
255 Upper Thomson Road
Tel : 6456 0698