Kaiserhaus at the Capitol Theatre – A Regal, Culinary Portrayal of Central Europe!


The name ‘Kaiserhaus’ itself is regal by nature. Also known as the Emperor’s house, Kaiserhaus at the refreshed Capitol Theatre will entertain diners with a culinary menu that features dishes from the Habsburg rule. Taste select favourites from countries in central Europe during both Lunch and Dinner. And if you’re interested in a little bite to share during the afternoons, tuck in to their  Sissi’s Pastry Delights – a royal tea set for two to share at $28++. 


Pastry Chef Patrick Schilling

Each day at Kaiserhaus, Pastry Chef Patrick Schilling will prepare up to 30 different types of exquisite pastries for diners to enjoy. Patrick was formerly from Zauner patisserie, the preferred supplier of confectionery to the Austrian Imperial Family in the 19th century. He brings his skills and knowledge in a partnership with Kaiserhaus, sharing with the rest of Singapore and Asia the experience of enjoying these royal treats. Also imported specially for Kaiserhaus is the Zaunerstollen – a nouguat praline mixture made of wafer, hazelnut and chocolate following the original 1905 recipe.


Sissi’s Pastry Delights are available daily from 11am to 6pm. To share:

  • Two slices of Zaunerstollen
  • A slice of exquisite home-made cake
  • Kipferl (Crescent shaped puff pastry with marzipan crumbles)
  • Nussschnecke / Nut Swirl (Rolled puff pastry filled with nuts, sweet crumbs and glazed with fondant chocolate)
  • Selection of Four Organic Rye Bread Sandwiches
  • Coffee or Tea


The famed Zaunerstollen was crisp to the bite, with a thick chocolate coating that lovingly melted in the mouth. I especially enjoyed the slightly airy praline, making this an enjoyable treat once in a while. Patrick’s specialty is the Raspberry Truffle Cake, a highlight which I specifically requested for in the tea set. The chocolate layers were decadent and rich, and wonderfully contrasted with a thick gelatinous slab of tart raspberry. A beautiful contrast, and the portion big enough for 2.


I was a little more partial about the rye bread sandwiches. Simple savouries that make good effort to break up the sweetness.


The Kipferl and Nussschnecke, however, were pastries rich and sinful in every bite. Cinnamon on one hand, and a good dollop of icing sugar on the other. A very robust, vigorous sweet treat if I may add – not something I’m acquainted with in Singapore.


My first White Tea Mirabelle which I found flat and too light for my liking.


A refreshing Apple Strudel drink







At $28++, Sissi’s Pastry Delight is an affordable high tea option for shoppers in the city looking for a quaint restaurant to take a break and spend the afternoon away. While the tea set with their portion sizes might be fit for up to 3 persons, it is perhaps a great way to get a sampling of the selection of regal pastries available fresh daily. The strengths for the set are clearly the cakes – and a strong contender will be the Raspberry Truffle slice. I’ve not had the opportunity to try the lunch or dinner menus. But from what I can see (and have heard), the dishes are truly fit for a royal feast at the King’s dinner table.

Thank you Kaiserhaus for the invitation.

Capitol Theatre
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#02-06 / 03-06
Singapore 178907
Reservations: 6377 0013
Opening Hours
Sun to Thu 11am to Midnight
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