Kachang On My Ice?


I seriously wonder if this is the start of a new trend. Roughly about 1030 on Sunday morning at the Sembawang MRT Station Foodfare, I ordered an Ice Kachang from the dessert stall. Don’t know if the stall uncle had the morning blues or anything but he served me my Ice Kachang with the Kachang on the ice!

I thought that the oh so beloved stuffing would naturally be buried deep within the huge mound of solid water. Maybe its strange, or maybe I irritated the uncle by being the first customer to order an ice cold dessert so early in the morning, but come on, let’s stick to tradition here.


Nonetheless, I also tried the famous braised duck rice from Yu Kee Duck & Noodle. The stall itself has a couple of certificates lauding its culinary achievements, so I guessed why not try it out? The portion was rather below average, but for a promotional price of $2.80 (U.P $3.30), I guess it is still ok. I received a small portion of sliced braised duck meat, half a boiled braised egg and a few slices of tau kwa.


Not too bad as the duck meat itself was not too tough. The drizzle of braised sauce on it was an excellent accompaniment. Though I must heap more praise to the rice itself as it was fluffy, fragrant and not too salty. Good enough for that $2.80.

I simply love it when I have money well spent =)