Jewel of the Orient


The marvelous Jadeite, a tender beauty of nature with a history of ages old. In times past, Jadeite or commonly known as Jade has been considered to protect a person from harm and to bring him good luck. It is also thought of as a stone with healing properties and was frequently used in Chinese alchemy and medicine.


Jade, considered as the stone of heaven, was once a symbol of rank and nobility in Ancient China where it was heavily appreciated. The gem, with its lustrous shine, is found in a wide spectrum of colours and is also varied with its translucency from opaque to glass. The most precious of Jadeites are the rare few which bode an imperial green colour with a glossy surface and an exquisite translucent interior. 


I think Jade is one of the most fascinating gemstones. It exudes a pleasant calmness and gives a cool feeling to the touch. A sense of serenity which perhaps no other jewel can fulfill.


Every piece is unique and no two similar stones can be found. Each has its own beauty, colour and character. Artistically crafted by man, created beautifully by Nature where creation tells its own story and journey.


The precious love of my Mum’s humble treasure cove….