Jade, The Fullerton Hotel Celebrates The Festive Season With An A La Carte Dinner Buffet!



From now till 30th December, Jade Restaurant at The Fullerton Hotel will tease the tastebuds of all guests with their sumptuous selection of more than 38 dishes to choose from the restaurant’s A La Carte Dinner Buffet menu. Familiar favourites and snippets of the restaurant’s ingenuity will be available at $58++ per person for festive treat featuring delights ranging from appetizers, soups, main courses, rice and noodle dishes as well as desserts. Indulge in highlights such as the Roasted Pork Belly, Sauteed Pork Ribs in Coffee Sauce, Sauteed Live Prawns with Spicy Pumpkin Sauce, Pan fried Halibut Fish with Crispy Julienne Ginger. Premium items such as the Sauteed Lobster with Spring Onion and Ginger or the Braised Bird’s Nest with Truffle Egg White in Superior Broth are available at an additional charge. Once everything is done, I highly recommend going for the Shaved Coconut Ice with Fresh Strawberries for an indulgent treat that will sound a sweet ending.

Ready for the buffet experience?

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 Step into a teddy bear wonderland Christmas tree

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After the dust has settled, and I was one of the few left in the restaurant at 10pm

Word must have gotten around pretty quickly about Jade’s A La Carte Dinner Buffet. On the weekday that I visited, the restaurant was almost fully seated. Advanced reservations are highly recommended!

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The dishes from the regular a la carte dinner buffet menu are mostly individually portioned, and catered to the table size. However, if you would like to tuck in to more of a particular dish, simply inform the service staff upon ordering. Start off first with the Deep Fried Prawns Coated with Wasabi Mayonnaise. While the wasabi might not be the hottest, it surely lends a piquant touch to the already sweet and crispy prawns. A beautiful dish to open up the appetite.

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Next, go for the traditional favourite of Roasted Five-Spiced Crispy Pork Belly. A regular favourite amongst diners, the portion of roasted pork belly from Jade will surely please those seeking for a crispy gritty skin followed by tender and moist fatty layers down to the meat. Guests who wish to take the roasted experience a step further can request for a special portion of Roasted Peking Duck with Condiments available at $28++ for half a duck.

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One premium item for the night that I found particularly interesting is the Golden Man Tou Stuffed with Chilli Crab Meat ($2.80++ per pc). Chilli crab sauce and meat is stuffed inside these little buns and then deep fried to gorgeous golden hue. The resultant crispy exterior, slightly sweet dough, and then the intense savoury sweet spicy chili crab filling give a myriad of flavour and textures in a single sitting. Delicious.

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For the regular buffet menu, choose from the 1) soup of the day, 2) hot and sour seafood soup or the 3) shrimp dumpling soup. However, if you are keen for something a little more unique, order the Braised Bird’s Nest with Truffle Egg White in Superior Broth ($9++). The stock, viscous and savoury, is lightly scented with truffle to give a grounded dimension to the otherwise seafood rich flavour. Delicious in its own right with the egg white giving a visual contrast to the otherwise ordinary looking dish.

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One dish from the appetiser menu that caught my attention was the Crispy Chicken in Dried Chilli with Spiced Fragrant Salt. Fried Chicken is given a flavourful kick with the intoxicating (ok I exaggerate) embrace of chilli that cut through the savoury flavours with a spicy touch. The salt, lightens the dish on a whole, making this a great palate teaser to whatever is to come.

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To start off with the mains, have the Steamed Chilean Sea Bass with Preserved Olives. A dish that needs little introduction except me fussing like a delighted patron over the tender sea bass wonderfully scented with musky salty preserved olives in a special braising sauce.

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The Stewed Five-Spice Pork Belly with Fermented Bean Curd was good, fatty and will go very well with steamed rice. I just couldn’t make heads or tails of the dish when it first arrived.

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Sauteed Prawn in Soya Bean Chilli Sauce – Prawns were fresh and good though the dish in overall were ordinary and lacklustre in any shine.

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I adored the Pan fried Halibut Fish Fillet with Crispy Julienne Ginger. The Halibut will be a favourite with kids (perhaps because it is fried) but I must say the simple flavours and the light sauce at the bottom blended very well together.

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The choice of Sauteed Pork Ribs in Coffee Sauce was decent, with a nice caramelized coffee glaze covered all over each tender and slightly chewy pork rib meat. That said, it lacked a little in the smokey fragrance that makes this dish so distinctive and could be a much more ‘refined’ portion.

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Premium item of Sauteed Lobster with Spring Onion ($18++ per pax) – I would recommend trying perhaps the lobster with Spicy Pumpkin Sauce

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When the dish of Sauteed Live Prawn with Spicy Pumpkin Sauce arrived, I thought it looked pretty ordinary with a boring appearance. However, the flavours are something else altogether. The pumpkin sauce lends a creamy touch with its sweetness accentuated with the glimpse of spices. The prawns, fresh and juicy, make this dish well worth multiple orders.

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The beancurd dishes in generally are excellent and well worth the order. I enjoyed all that arrived, especially the Braised Shimeiji Mushroom with Spinach Layer Bean Curd. The spinach just gives a beautiful colour contrast and a subtle flavour to the already meaty, slightly smoky and savoury beancurd.  The Fullerton Jade Buffet 2013-14

Stewed Home Made Bean Curd with Angled Gourd and Mushroom (My favourite as well)

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Pan Fried Pi Pa Bean Curd in Oyster Sauce

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Stir Fried Assorted Mushroom with Snow Peas in Truffle Jus

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Fragrant Wok-Fried Rice with Diced Chicken, Salted Fish and Bean Sprouts

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One dish that is worth the mention is the Braised Wheat Noodles with Abalone and Crab Meat in Superior Broth ($18++ per pax). The Mee Sua is excellently firm and crisp, gently soaking up the superior broth in each serve. The broth, a mild savoury with a distinct sweetness was satisfying and slightly rich. Having it with the abalone and crab meat is a plus point that makes this a good order.

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7 Dessert options are available on the menu and I reckon most will try everything except for the seasonal fresh fruit platter. The Pineapple Cookies are the more delectable sweet bite over the Red Bean Pancake with its sweet tartness standing out a little more with a crumbly tart base.

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Out of the Hot Walnut Cream with Black Sesame Dumpling, Chilled Cream of Mango with Lime Jelly and the Almond Cream with Yam Paste, I would say that the yam paste left the most impression for me. While I’m not a particular fan for the almond cream as a combination with yam paste, the paste itself is thick and sweet in every bite, giving off hearty pauses of satisfaction after the filling meal.

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However, the most distinctive dessert of all has to be the Shaved Coconut Ice with Fresh Strawberries. The coconut essence is rich in this dish with it almost resembling a decadent portion of coconut concentrated into an ice ball. The jellies are a nice textural contrast but otherwise inconsequential to the beautiful shaved coconut ice. I ordered two portions for myself.

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Jade’s Sumptuous A La Carte Dinner Buffet will be available from now till 30th December 2013. It is priced very competitively at $58++ and with a generally wide selection of dishes to choose from, and this being at The Fullerton Hotel, makes the dinner trip all the more worth it. The dishes on the regular buffet menu are generally decent and good with the occasional surprise appearing now and then. Otherwise, be selective of the premium dishes to order and go for items such as the Truffle Egg, Roasted Duck, or Braised Wheat Noodles for a satisfying end. I thoroughly enjoyed the dinner visit. Those who have yet to visit Jade Restaurant for their regular menu will get a preview of what the restaurant has to offer though I reckon that their A La Carte dishes are something else altogether.

Thank you The Fullerton Hotel for the invitation

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
1 Fullerton Square
Singapore 049178
Reservations: 6877 8188

A La Carte Buffet Dinner is available 1st to 30th December 2013
Dinner : 6.30pm to 11pm
$58++ (adult) $38++ (child)