It’s Christmas time in the city: Robert Timms and TCC log cakes!


It is no secret that I love cakes, so I got lucky earlier this month when TCC and Robert Timms kindly sent me a Christmas log cake each to write about.

My verdict: Both joints offer substantial cakes that will easily feed ten to twelve people, and by golly, they both look and taste good. I am happy to unreservedly recommend them.

At TCC, Black Forest ($55), Pistachio White Chocolate ($55) and Chocolate Raspberry ($59+) are on the festive menu this year, while Robert Timms’ selection comprises Coffee and Caramel ($45+), Red Velvet ($45+) and Orange Milk Chocolate Mousse ($49+).

TCC’s Chocolate Raspberry (pictured above) is a handsome cake, thanks to its impressive-looking armour-like coat. These multiple chocolate blocks surround layers of moist dark cocoa sponge, creamy chocolate mousse, and raspberry jelly; it is also these chocolate blocks that distinguish this cake from most log cakes available commercially. These dark chocolate blocks are addictive, providing a particularly good counterpoint to the raspberry jelly that make up the cake’s core.


Robert Timms’ Orange Milk Chocolate Mousse ($49+)

I found Robert Timms’ Orange Milk Chocolate Mousse to be an even more exciting offering. It looks nothing like a traditional log cake, but its conventional-cake appearance belies a complex but pleasant taste profile. Constructed in four layers, you taste first the creamy chocolate mousse that coats the cake when you sink your teeth into a slice. Next comes the cold, ice cream-like consistency of the inner chocolate layer. Then orange curd—this is my favourite layer because the curd is both the right amount of sweet and sour. Your teeth then meet the final layer, a luscious chocolate brownie base that is of the perfect firmness.

I savoured these cakes thrice. First, with the photographer at Wheelock Place’s Robert Timms. I then shared the remaining cake with friends on two more occasions. On every occasion, the praise was forthcoming.

These cakes will only be available until Christmas Day. OCBC cardholders/TCC members enjoy 15% off TCC cakes, while DBS cardholders enjoy 15% off at Robert Timms.

Thank you Robert Timms and TCC for the cakes.

Robert Timms

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