Indulge in some lipsmackin’ Festive Sticky Bones from Morganfield’s!


Meat lovers can celebrate with one more option at Morganfield’s this Christmas season! Christmas BBQ Ribs just got better with two special edition sauces – Christmas Cranberry and Christmas Thyme spread lovingly on the restaurant’s signature Sticky Bones! Have that specially prepared in the Morgan’s Christmas Platter and easily share the joy with 3 other friends as they indulge in the selection of sausages, honey baked ham, turkey, roast pumpkin and potatoes, broccoli and the ever delectable, fluffy Corn Bread. Ready for the treat?

Morganfields Christmas 2013-1

Festive drinks just got a little tastier with the selection of White Christmas Sangria ($12.90++). Made with white wine, peach puree, diced green apples and oranges, this refreshing sangria is easy to drink and sets the mood right for the evening. Be forewarned that it will go down really quickly with the alcohol almost unnoticeable till much, much later.

Morganfields Christmas 2013-2

From my last visit to Morganfield’s last year, I well remembered the Caesar Salad to be an extremely creamy, moutwatering and almost sinful option. And now that I’m back, I definitely had to order a dish of it again! Of course, to share with the crowd.

Morganfields Christmas 2013-3

Morgan’s Christmas Platter ($149.90++) is certainly one portion that is meant to feed a lot more than the recommended 4 pax. I daresay that 5 to perhaps 6 petite eaters would do the portion justice. Each Christmas Platter comes with :

• Special Sausage Platter (6 sausages)
• Christmas Cranberry Sticky Bones (Half Slab)
• Christmas Thyme Sticky Bones (Half Slab)
• Honey Baked Ham Slices
• Turkey Drumsticks (2 pcs)
• Sides (Roast Pumpkin, Roast Potatoes, Corn Bread, Broccoli)

It can be enjoyed while dining in, as takeaway or as a delivery option. For dine in customers, top up an additional $10 for the Festive Dessert Platter.

Morganfields Christmas 2013-4

The Special Festive Christmas Cranberry and Christmas Thyme Sticky Bones are available on the platter or ordered separately a la carte. I preferred the Christmas Thyme for its more savoury touch to the already awesome tender and meaty pork ribs. The choice of Christmas Cranberry, while a complementary flavour was a little sweet for my savoury tooth.

Morganfields Christmas 2013-5

Sausages galore! This probably means the biggest meat fest when enjoyed with the turkey drums. Tuck in to a selection of Chorizo, Cheese, Bier and more. The turkey legs, tender in each slice with a good amount of juices within, are great on its own or with the side of mustard. Too bad I didn’t get a size reference picture of that turkey leg.

Morganfields Christmas 2013-6

Sides that receive the highly recommended recognition have to be the Corn Bread. A specialty of Morganfield’s, these petite boxes of fluffy sweet savoury bread/cake is exceptionally fragrant with the whole table going “oooooh” after the first bite. While I say that these are definitely not meant to share, it is quite unfortunate that the platter comes with a standard 3 servings of Corn bread. Either order more, or see who is the lucky one to opt out.

Morganfields Christmas 2013-7

 Honey Baked Ham

Morganfields Christmas 2013-8

The Red Christmas Cooler ($8.90) is the non-alcoholic festive option on the menu. Made with lemon, watermelon, cranberry juice and topped with fresh blackberries, this is one drink that is cheery and decadently sweet. I would prefer the White Christmas Sangria any day!

Morganfields Christmas 2013-10

Alternatively, go for Santa’s Big Mug ($21.90++). The house mix of American craft stout beer and Kronenbourg Blanc is served up in sturdy 1 litre frosty portions for the thirsty. Wonderfully smooth, with the touch of slight bitter at the end and very easy to the palate.

Morganfields Christmas 2013-21

The Festive Dessert Platter (an additional $10 if you order the dine in Morgan’s Christmas Platter) comes served with Christmas Pudding, Brownie, Bread Pudding and 2 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream. While some say it completes the meal, I would say that it is really for those with a huge appetite or that coveted second stomach meant specially for desserts. I loved the dessert portions with little to fault.

Morganfields Christmas 2013-22

 Bread and Butter Pudding

Morganfields Christmas 2013-23

 Christmas Pudding (Ming Ting was avoiding this because of the candied fruit within. It’s a first for me!)

Morganfields Christmas 2013-24

Morganfields Christmas 2013-25

Ting Feng, Ming Ting, Myself, and Brian after the well stuffed and delicious lipsmackin’ meal!

Christmas dinner at Morganfield’s just made all of us full and more for the whole of lunch the next day. The Christmas Platter is a spread to indulge in, with each meat selection being tender and extremely flavourful for the senses. The Sticky Bones don’t fail to disappoint and it will go very well with Santa’s Big Mug! Messes are ok with individual bibs provided. The dessert platter was decent and a sweet ending to the lavish spread. A highly recommended visit if you have a group of friends that simply love to indulge in meat, and chill the night away over a little White Christmas Sangria.

Thank you Morganfield’s for the invitation

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