I Run To Eat, and Eat To Run


Would you believe that this is a plate of Char Siew Wanton Mee from a food court?

Now at a promotion of $3.00

Blazes aside! I have become addicted to enjoying a plate of Char Siew Wanton Mee every week after my early morning run. The best part is that it is sold at my neighbourhood food court at Sembawang MRT Station. For $3.50, a decent portion of noodles for breakfast is served up and there it is topped with pieces of slightly fatty char siew and soft wantons. However, what this dish appeals to me the most is the “self serving” of deep fried pork lard. Fantastic!


Michel posing with his own plate of Wanton noodles. “You want some?”

Come on, I know many out there might even be flabbergasted of even putting a single piece in the mouth. But somehow, without the drops of heavenly fatty gold, the dish would simply not taste the same.


Of course the main part of any Char Siew Wanton Noodles would be in the noodles itself. Well, I would term the yellow thin noodles as being easy and firm to the bite. Slightly chewy and porous enough to absorb the flavours from the sauce drizzled on it. Though I must still say that I have eaten better noodles.

Nevertheless, the $3.00 promotional price is still attractive and that is with the fact of good char siew, wantons and luscious pork fat. Hey, I would pay for that!


Anthony was telling me that it was impossible that I cannot finish my milkshake.

Seemingly enough, three teenage boys simply cannot make do with a single meal. Naturally, we were attracted to the hustling crowd at MacDonalds. Three Chocolate Milkshakes (mmmm…milkshakes…) were ordered much to the glee of my heart and the groan of my stomach. Looks like a small cup, but it is thick and heavy with what I would call frozen slushy creamy chocolate ice cream.


I don’t know why I must rave so much about the chocolate milkshakes when I know that it is a calorie buster, sugar bottle for cocoa addicts. Then again, after a good morning run, it is about time to put back what I had lost from “exerting” myself.


Of course, no one should go away from MacDonalds without indulging in their crispy Hashbrowns. That warm, fuzzy feeling from eating one piece should be included in the constitution as a national right! Of course, I would think that the Health Promotion Board would have a fit and start to claim that it should be ok if everything is eaten in moderation. I guess three hashbrowns a day is being moderate. Right?


Three guavas from Thailand for $18(discounted to $12)! Yes, my mum went to buy them. Of course, there was a special offer by the Fruit Stall Uncle and she got it for $11. These precious guavas must have been fertilized with some sort of “special ingredient” and then watered with crystal clear freshwater flow directly in from the Alps.


Sarcastic remarks aside about the price of the three green beauties. It is actually really worth the price paid for. Crunchy, and sweet with the mild fragrance of Jasmine and Honey, these are guavas fit for a King.


The ones commonly seen have a rough, jarred skin  but the ones here are so smooth like a shaved crystal ball. Greendom rocks when it comes to these Guavas. Look no further when you want a fruit to impress your friends. Unless you decide to turn it up a notch higher by buying some sort of square watermelon or Fuji Apples directly from Mount Fuji.