Hotpot Kingdom – The Specialty Steamboat Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands!

Hotpot Kingdom 2014

Nothing gets the soul all warm and fuzzy like a good, hearty selection of ingredients and steamboat while enjoying it together with your friends and family around the dinner table. Hotpot Kingdom, the newest option in town located at the Marina Bay Sands aims to please with a good selection of satisfying broths that are freshly prepared each day. With an extensive steamboat and a la carte menu, guests will be treated to variety of items that go beyond the traditional. And I was impressed by the options.


Pork Bone Soup and Spicy Soup

In addition to my favourites such as the Macanese Pork Bone Soup and the La-La Seafood Soup, the restaurants also offers choices like the Korean Kimchi Soup, Spicy Soup, Pickled Vegetables with Fresh Fish Soup, Beef Consomme Soup, Pork Tripe with Pepper Soup, Chicken Soup and the Herbal Chicken Soup.

The Pork Bone Soup is well recognized for its creamy base, smooth velvety texture and a rich flavour that is wonderfully complemented by the sweet ingredients that are continuously cooked within. For all its redness and pieces of dried chilly, the Spicy Soup was obviously spicy. Somehow, despite me knowing that it will be hot, I was still drawn to it like a fly to light. Before you even know it, ingredients started plopping in and I was sweating it out even though I sat under the air conditioner.


La-La Seafood Soup and Regular Chicken Soup

The La-La Seafood Soup is crisp clear, yet chock full of sea sweet flavours that enriches almost any steamboat ingredient. Compared to the regular chicken soup, the seafood was much better.


Drunken Chicken marinated with soy sauce and hua tiao jiu to be added to the broth

I was not particularly attached to the Korean Kimchi soup as the flavours were a little flatter. Still, fans of the Herbal Chicken Soup will savour its slightly rich bitter sweet herbal flavour.


To make up your own special sauce, choose from an assortment of 12 different condiments.

IMG_0300 IMG_0296 IMG_0295

A selection of Premium Sliced Meats are available on the steamboat menu. Choose from items such as the Japanese Wagyu Striploin ($75/100g) or the Sliced Kurabuta Pork Belly ($14) to the reasonably priced Sliced Chicken ($6).

IMG_0292 IMG_0291

At Hotpot Kingdom, the restaurant hand makes its own meatballs. Starting from 6 pieces (from $12) in a serving, guests can choose from varied flavours such as the Fresh Beef Ball, Dace Fish Ball, Fresh Cuttlefish Ball, Fresh Prawn Ball and the Fresh Pork Ball. If you like a mixed selection, go for the Four Treasure Ball Platter ($16 for 8 pieces).

IMG_0289 IMG_0299


The Stir-Fried Crispy Cuttlefish with Salted Egg ($18) was an excellent choice to order from the menu. I was struck by its crispy shell, aromatic salted egg yolk fragrance and the firm bite from the cuttlefish. It is a quick favourite to have especially while waiting for the steamboat ingredients to cook.

IMG_0276 IMG_0277 IMG_0304

Having a steamboat restaurant at Marina Bay Sands uniquely adds to an already extensive selection of restaurants at the premium retail strip. Its quality ingredients, hearty steamboat broth items and an extended a la carte menu on top of everything will ensure that diners are spoilt for choice. Furthermore, its ambiance and overall setting is ideal for customers who will enjoy a premium steamboat in a comfortable setting, or are looking to host guests to a meal that offers a glimpse at one of the many cuisines that make up Singapore.  To sweeten the deal, the restaurant is also offering set meals starting from $15.80++ per person. Steamboat set menus start from $29.80++ per person. Especially with the Lunar New Year right around the corner after Christmas, Hotpot Kingdom is one more place to add to the list.

Thank you Hotpot Kingdom for the invitation.


Hotpot Kingdom
2 Bayfront Avenue
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (located above Todai)
Singapore 018972
Reservations: 6688 7722
Opens from:
11-2.30pm (Hot Pot, Dim Sum, A La Carte)
2.30pm – 5pm (Dim Sum Only)
5pm – 11pm (Hot Pot, A La Carte)