Homely and Tasty Paninis at Black & White Caffebar!


Those craving for a delicious quick fix of good ol’ sandwiches around the Beach Road/Bugis area, would hardly think of visiting the The Plaza (formerly the Furniture Mall) for that lunch stop. However, situated within the basement confines next to the sparkling new Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, is the Black & White Caffebar that promises hearty and homely gourmet sandwiches to tease the tastebuds of any visiting patron. Highly recommend on the list is the Mushroom Soup when available, and the Roast Beef or Smoked Salmon Panini. And from Mondays to Fridays between 11am to 2pm, go for the Panini Junkie set where you get one select sandwich of your choice with a coffee/tea plus a dessert at only $10. Delicious!

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Having got caught in a sudden downpour on the way to The Plaza, I started off the evening visit with some Hot Dark Chocolate ($4.50). A selection of teas and coffees or just some simple au naturel hot honey lemon is available.

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The Mushroom Soup of the Day ($6) is a highlight to try when it is available fresh from the kitchen. The broth is chunky with the flavourful scent of earthy mushrooms, and a good bite in each serve. A touch of truffle oil gives a brighter flavour dimension that is a silent surprise for the nondescript cafe tucked away in a basement corner.

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The Roast Beef ($11.80) panini was recommended as one of the shop’s specialties. Toasted bread stuffed with slices of roast beef, avocado, tomato relish, cheese and lettuce while sounding simple is remarkably tasty in hues of the meaty sweet and tender savoury. The crisp sandwich is an excellent textural contrast and the tomato relish gives a burst of freshness followed by an umami sweetness. I enjoyed this sandwich through and through.

The other recommendation of Smoked Salmon ($9.80) paninicomes with rocket salad, cream cheese and tomato. Crisp and well scented salmon is nicely harmonised with bitter fresh and sweet rocket leaves, with the cream cheese giving an oomph in every bite. A worthy bite.

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The oven bake selection of Baked Wild Mushroom Pasta with Cream & Cheese ($9.80) is also a worthy thumbs up. Chunks of mushroom in a pasta that simply reminds you of a hearty portion of mac and cheese will definitely please the tastebuds. A satisfying portion that is enough for one or two petite eaters.

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Salads are available.

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Select desserts

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My Primary School Best Buddy Han Leng & Me!

Black & White Caffebar is a promising place to visit for some excellent paninis, mushroom soup and a good ol hearty wild mushroom pasta. Salads and desserts are decent, but the real highlight is definitely the sandwiches. While it may not be in the most visible of locations, its setting is great for those seeking a short adventure into a quieter part of Singapore for decent, wholesome food.

Thank You Black & White Caffebar for the invitation

Black & White Caffebar
7500A Beach Road
The Plaza
Singapore 199591 (Next to Pan Pacific Serviced Suites at Beach Road)
Opens from
Mon-Fri 8am to 8pm
Sat 9am to 3pm