Hokkaido Curry Bun. Oishi!


The Hokkaido Curry Bun. Crispy on the outside, sweet and spicy on the inside.

I chanced upon the Hokkaido fair located at Isetan Supermarket(the basement of Shaw House) in Orchard and it was one very, very crowded event. Singaporeans must be mad for Japanese stuff. The supermarket was holding a food fair hailed from the famous place of Hokkaido in Japan and Hokkaido goodies were up for sale.

There were so many Japanese dishes being freshly made that the whole place smelled deliciously Japanese, though I must add that the price for the goodies were rather above average. Definitely for the well heeled customer. Still, some things were affordable and what caught my attention was the Hokkaido Curry Bun. It looked remarkably tasty from the view I was seeing it from. Furthermore, it cost an affordable $2.80.

While the price is a bit on the steep side for a bun. This is my first time and I couldn’t resist. I wasn’t disappointed.

The bun was crispy on the outside and flaked with bits of sugar and other crispy stuff. ( cereal I presume) The filling was generous with Japanese curry which was a beautiful mix of sweet and spice. Now Japanese curry is different from the normal curry you get at the Prata store as theirs are generally sweeter and less spicier.

The curry and the crispy skin of the bun went well hand in hand together. I must give my rave reviews about it! Still, it would have been good if the bun was served hot or at least warm.

Nonetheless, for you my little Hokkaido Curry Bun, you get a well deserved 4.5/5

Rating for Hokkaido Curry Bun : 4.5/5

Venue : Isetan Supermarket ( basement level of Shaw House ) Orchard Road. Directly opposite Borders.

Note : The Hokkaido Fair is only for a limited period of time. So grab the chance to visit it while its still there =)