Hog’s Breath Cafe, Savour That Prime Rib Steak in Full Smoky Goodness!

First and foremost, A Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there, this is the day in honour of you! To Fathers, don’t fret, Dad’s day is coming real quick as well =D. Now a real treat to bring your family out for dinner (or especially if Dad is into a good beer, a good steak and sports being played on the tv) would be at Hog’s Breath Cafe located amidst the confines of CHIJMES at City Hall. My visit yesterday saw me experiencing a delectable 18 hour long cooked steak, wonderfully seared medium rare, and robust in all through smoky goodness. It is a flavour memorable and one that went extremely well with my Apple Cider.


As I walked towards Hog’s Breath Cafe, I noticed the sun setting very nicely behind the chapel of CHIJMES. I had to take a shot. I knew I had to.

Out door dining options for guests at Hog’s Breath

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Now to what I understand, calling the restaurant/bar Hog’s Breath Cafe does not mean that the main dishes on the menu are full of porcine goodness. Instead, it is a true Australian steakhouse with full focus on their Prime Ribs. In Australia alone, Hog’s Breath has 80 restaurants nation wide. For Singapore, Hog’s Breath Cafe opened its doors in 2006 and has been entertaining guests ever since.


Salt, Pepper (in beer bottles), Water for Sale, Ketchup, Tabasco, Chilli Sauce


Mojito for the night. Not as strong as I would have liked.


Coldstream Apple Cider – Chilled, Fizzy, Clear with a tangy attitude. Highly recommended to go with the heavy food to come.


To begin the meal, I had the Chilli Con Carne ($14). I guess pretty much a lot of things will look appetizing when there is a good old fashioned centre dip made out of minced beef, sour cream and cheddar cheese to tickle the tastebuds. Tortilla chips surround the sides with a couple of celery and carrot sticks thrown in for the show. Still, real highlight is the dip where it is slightly tangy with a robust meatiness. The flavours are strong with the essence of beef, and the velvety cheese layer on the top simply screams to be dalloped onto each chip. Slightly salty, but definitely a good starter or a bar snack while enjoying a game on the tv.


But really, the deal worth going for is the Prime Rib Steak. I had mine done Garlic Prawn style in Aussie portions ($43). There is a regular option at $35 for a 200g portion, but the Aussie size steak is at whopping 300g. If you want even more, every 100g to your steak size is a top up of $7. The beef done medium rare reveals an excellent smoky flavour infused throughout. Good enough on its own, or even a touch of salt to pronounce the flavours even more. The meat is slow cooked for over 18 hours so this is one serving that really is here to impress. While the garlic prawns look appealing, I really think the flavours in the sauce ought to be more obvious. It was more cream than garlic.


For a burger to settle for, there is the Cheeseburger in Paradise ($16) . The patty is chewy with a nice texture throughout. A slice of beetroot really adds a shine and slightly tangy taste. However, to say that it is a cheeseburger, I expected a more cheese being smothered on the top with it melting by the sides. Still, the BBQ sauce adds a balanced touch with its hickory smoky aroma, and curly fries are a staple that is definitely an attraction.


Strawberry and Mango Smoothies – I highly recommend the strawberry smoothie.


Apple Crumble ($14) served homestyle with a vanilla ice cream and whipped cream is one dessert to think about if you have a craving for something fruity with a texture to play with. The caramelized apple chunks are nice and addictive though the slightly stretchy pastry centre seem to be a little off. Not too bad still, and a great way to share.


However, for a dessert a little more bitter and robust, there is the Mississippi Mud Cake ($14). A dessert that has stood its ground (and recipe locked away safely since Hog’s Breaths Establishment), this is one dish that is both decadent for the sweet tooth. The dense chocolate add good flavours and colour, though the pairing with the vanilla ice cream might seem to be a bit too much by exemplifying the sweetness.

Hog’s Breath Salon

Welcome to the Pig Pen


Chef Adam Teo and Me

Dinner at Hog’s Breath Cafe is an experience of full blown hearty meals that is for those who enjoy their steak outback style. Nothing is on the easy here as the menu is similar to the flavours found in Australia. I highly recommend getting a cider or some beers to go along with the meal as they are probably the best alternative drinks as an accompaniment. The smoothies on the other hand are a little heavy and sweet while desserts are seemingly catered for the sweet tooth fairy. Dinner as crowd for a family or a gathering of a party of friends is welcomed, as the restaurant’s large sitting areas can accommodate to many. I would come back for the steak. And if you get a good chance and nice weather, you might just get to enjoy the outdoor music performance occasionally further down the lawn.

Thank you Hog’s Breath Cafe for the invitation

Hog’s Breath Cafe
Block A
30 Victoria Street
Reservations : 6338 1387

Opens From :
11.30am – 1am (last main order 10.30pm)
Bar Snacks, Appetisers available till closing time.

Website : www.hogsbreath.com.sg