Heartwarming Delights from Ootoya, Japanese Family Restaurant!


When Ootoya opened years ago, and I spotted snaking queues outside the restaurant, I was determined to pay a visit. Finally, now in 2013, I made my first foray into the famed Japanese family restaurant. The restaurant has its roots in Japan since 1958, and now with branches internationally. Serving up Teishoku meals, Ootoya features a menu of set dishes that are delectable, filling, homely and with free flow of Japanese White or Mixed Grains rice with Miso Soup. Who knew I missed out on so much after all these years. I am happy to say it has filled that comfy Japanese cuisine spot with Yayoiken and my upcoming article on Baikohken.


I visited the Changi City Point outlet with my family, and were fortunate enough to have a private room with such a large group coming for lunch.


The complete set comes with free flow rice, miso soup, chanwanmushi and pickled vegetables. The Chanwanmushi was excellent in all its smooth silky glory. Couple that with the savoury, mildly intense flavour and what you have is a melt in the mouth worthy egg custard.


For me, the Rosu Pork Cutlet was a delightful dish to enjoy through and through. Pick up a piece of the crispy pork cutlet, take a first bite and marvel in the savoury sweet fragrance. Then, with the same piece, dip it in the egg yolk and ponzu plum sauce by the side to discover a whole spectrum of new bold and tangy, creamy flavours.


Look at the golden deep fried bread crumbs, this is definitely mouthwatering.


I was also pleasantly delighted to find the restaurant serving free flow Japanese white or Mixed Grains Gokuku rice. Gokoku rice is a mixture of brown rice, barley, black sesame, white sesame and corn. Each bowl carries their own weight in the flavour department, and I personally had one bowl of each.


Buta Shiokojijyu (Shio Kouji is one of the traditional Japanese condiments which is made by fermented rice malt with salt and water.)




Gyu Sio Kouji Jyu


Grilled Saba Set









The overall dining experience at Ootoya was nothing short of excellent.  Flavourful, wholesome foods that remind me of homestyle Japanese cuisine frequently seen on Japanese gourmet adventures gives a good sense of authenticity of cuisine from the far east. I especially loved my dish of Rosu Pork Cutlet as dipping it with the egg yolk simply livens the flavours into a brighter dimension. The set menu is also priced family friendly, with portions good to share around if you wish. The desserts are a little on the sweet side though, but complement that with the robust meals, and I’m sure we have a complete winner altogether. I look forward to visiting Ootoya again!

Changi City Point
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Tel : 6636 1228

Opens From:
11am – 9.30pm