Hangari Galbi – A Hungrified Korean Traditional Bbq


Grilled Marinated Beef Short Ribs – Look at that smoke rise!

Hangari Galbi – Korean Traditional Barbecue, the name alone is enough to make anyone hungry. Primed at the top floor of Orchard Central, Hangari stands out the most for its two cute little mascots placed outstandingly at their doorway.

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Beyond the doors lay a casual and simple Korean dining ambience, nothing too fancy but an attempt to make the area cozy enough for a family or groupie gathering. Prices are what really stands out the most in this restaurant, almost on the high end for a casual Korean restaurant. But if affordability is not an entire factor and you are craving for that portion of tender Grilled Beef, well maybe just start ordering their wide array of Grilling beef pieces available.


The Grilled Marinated Short Beef Ribs is the house specialty. With chunks of beef being marinated in a splendid blend of marinade for over two days, it is more than enough time to allow a myriad of juices to soak in.

The best part ? Sweet tender cuts of beef delicately grilled to seal in their juices and marinated flavour. Very hearty and delicious. Dip it exquisitely in the Barbecue dip provided and you will be left with a mouthwatering, slightly sweetened and salted meltworthy portion!

(Portions available 360g : $34, 500g : $44)


Grilled Sliced Beef Breast

The Grilled Sliced Beef Breast was recommended to me personally by the waitress. The dish itself presented the thicker and more meaty and definitely fatty side of the cow which is more than enough to leave anyone thinking of that perfect end result.


Slices of Beef Breast being tenderly grilled over a curved hot stone plate. Look at the colour change and the fat cooking!


My contention? Yes, the meat itself though thinly sliced bodes a strong meaty flavour and a slight musky beefy aroma. The salt and peppered dip adds a robust savoury and delicious texture to each slice. And it always helps to have a good layer of fat by the side, tickling the tastebuds in a good complex taste of beef oil and meat.

(Portion available $28 : 150g)


Side Dish : Kimchi

7 side dishes were served together with the Grilled Meat servings above. Most were well prepared with a good mix of spicy and sweet flavours marinated generously onto gorgeous vegetables. Though it is a sad thing that they are not refillable after the first refill.


Side Dish : Some sort of Chinese Cabbage marinated with Kimchi sauce.


Stir Fried Potato Vermicelli with Vegetables ($19)

Somehow this was a much favoured dish in the group. The vermicelli soaked in a good blend of sweetened and peppered juices carried smooth flavours for the entire serving. When well mixed, all the ingredients were harmonious and not overpowering in texture and taste. And it is easy to the bite!


 Rice Stuffed Chicken Stew with Korean Ginseng ($26)

The version of Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup at Hangari is perhaps not what any die hard fans of traditional Korean cuisine would go for. Slightly toned down in the amount of herbs used, it is more palatable to the general crowd in Singapore.


A clear broth with a mild flavouring of herbs and a hint of ginseng. Though I reckon a little salt would be good. I think for me the best portion came when I was left scooping out the glutinous rice cooked together inside the chicken. Very soft, sweet and delicious with the aroma of the ginseng cooked within.


A dessert of Red Bean served on Crushed Ice arrived delightfully at the end of the meal. With the serving of the dessert, tastebuds were soothened from all the savoury foods. Major plus point and definitely a cool way to end the meal.


Hangari Korean BBQ restaurant with it’s upmarket prices BBQ dishes and flavours is still able to remind anyone of simple full bodied home cooked fare because of the warmness of its cooking.

It’s locality, ambience and dishes caters more to the younger generation with a wallet to spare and also for those wising to indulge themselves in flavoursome foods. But definitely not for those wishing to conduct a business meeting in all it’s formal glory and hoping to avoid an accident when each person engages in a battle of the silver chopsticks.

Service was average for me, with a constant need to find someone to refill my cup of free flowing Hot Barley Tea ($1). Apart from that, this Korean BBQ restaurant has set its footing in Singapore. Hey! It already has 640 outlets in Korea alone.

DSCF9143 Hangari Galbi
Korean Traditional Barbecue
#08-04/05, Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road

Exquisite Korean dishes with a quality standards but slightly pricy pricings.

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