Haagen-Dazs Set For Sweet Temptations Every Girl’s Day Out!

From now till 31st May, Haagen-Dazs has introduced something special for every girls’ day out! Three creations featuring Ice Cream Macaroons and Cookie Dough Ice Cream are making its way to the tables of guests who wish to sit back, chit chat, and enjoy the whole afternoon away. Bonding over irresistible treats just got a little better!

To start off that breezy hot afternoon, friends can choose the High Tea Affair ($38) to begin with. The first layer are three mini scoops each of Cookie Dough Chip, Belgian Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Cream. The second layer is a choice of 6 different ice cream macaroons and the final layer to quell the creaminess is a serving of kiwi, raspberries and grapes. Comes with coffee or tea if I am not mistaken. I enjoyed the variety of ice cream and was quite impressed with the cookie dough chip flavour as it had nice textured bits within. And with Haagen-Dazs premium ice cream, this set comes with other premiums as well!

The Ice Cream Macaroons were very peculiar and unique. Don’t go expecting the traditional Crisp Egg Shell Macaroons, these are instead made with Chocolate and served with Haagen-Dazs ice cream and Chantilly cream. A sweet treat of chilly enjoyment, a good conversation starter, and then its gone. Available separately as Macaroon Melange ($18)

To end off with even more sweet petite delights, I would really recommend going for the Petite Temptations ($18). 5 scoops of Cookie Dough Ice Cream with butter cookie dough bits and sweet fudge chips embedded within, this is one dessert that got me really interested in the delicate balance of sweetness and the varied textures. Drizzles of mango sauce even out the flavours and are a nice contrast to each portion.

Me, Shona, Ming Ting, Brian with Petite Temptations that we didn’t know how to split amongst 4.

The Dainty Delights for every Girls’ Day Out is available from now till 31st May. If you are a fan of Haagen Dazs’ selection of premium ice cream, this latest spread is certainly delightful. It is a great way to pass the afternoon as you sit back and engage in that latest conversation of the latest fashion trends or reminisce the past with loved ones.

Dainty Delights are available at all outlets.
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