Gourmet News : Twinings, Making the Perfect Tea!

A 300 hundred year old tea, I’m not too sure of the possibility, but a 300 hundred year old tea company, we have Twinings of London. Started in 1706, and known worldwide as one of the oldest English Tea Companies, Twinings of London has sure come a long way being a familiar name in many cafes and restaurants in Singapore.

Last week, Twining’s Director of Corporate Relations, Mr. Stephen Twinings (10th generation member of the family), was in town to conduct a series of workshops on How to Make the Perfect Cuppa. It was part of his Southeast Asia Tour to share his own passion for tea (something which he drinks at least 15 cups a day) and how to brew the perfect cup.

Two key takeaways which I have garnered from the workshop is that :

  1. Tea must be made with Boiling Water (Yes 100 degree celsius boiling water)
  2. Tea must be left to steep in the water for approximately 3 minutes. (I totally didn’t know. I would normally just dip in 5-6 times in the water and be happy)


And yes, we have all heard of Chinese Tea Pairing, but how about English Tea Pairing. Stephen also shared with us what kind of foods go well with which kinds of tea. And here is a short release of what we had from that day.

Earl Grey Tea served with:
– Turkey Breast & Sharp Cheddar Finger Sandwich
– Bacon & Chive Biscuits
– Candied Violet Cup Cakes
– Opera Torte

Earl Grey : “Fine black tea expertly blended with the citrus fruit flavor of bergamot, to deliver an uplifting tea with a unique floral aroma and refreshing taste”. To what I feel, Earl Grey is a strong palate cleanser for any heavy foods, especially meats.

White Tea served with:
– Char Siew Soh Rolls with Sweet Plum Dip
– Maki Sushi Rolls
– Mini Macaroons: Passion Fruit, Raspberry & Peach
– Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate Torte

White Tea : “From young, unopened buds of the finest tea plant to an exclusive blend” It is regarded as the world’s finest quality tea.

Twinings Mint Cooler served with:
– English Cucumber Teas Sandwich
– Spinach Quiche
– Mini Pistachio Financier
– Mini Ginger-Crème Brulee

And for Mint Coolers : “Wake you up. Shake you up.  A refreshing infusion  of mint  after a meal, and even more invigorating experience served cold over ice” I honestly thought this was an Indian drink because of the use of Peppermint.

Stephen Twinings and Me

Twinings sure gave me an insight into the realm of teas, and I think I have better understood how to appreciate the age old drink. It was an insightful afternoon with tidbits of knowledge here and there! Now I am going to make myself a cuppa to last me for the start of my movie marathon!

Many Thanks to Dick Lee Concepts and Twinings of London for the invitation.