Gourmet News : Stephane Glacier, Meilleur Ouvrier de Franc and Marina Bay Sands come together!


Praline Tendresses

World Renowned Pastry Chef Stephane Glacier of the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de Franc (MOF) in 2000, as best Pastry chef of France, now in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands for an exclusive collaboration with the Integrated Resort’s Executive Pastry Chef Alejandro Luna. The sentence alone is possible to whet attention from pastry lovers as for this limited period only, two key chefs in the art of sweet making come together with their respective experiences to create selected delights for the pleasure of all guests.

Chef Stephane will be in Singapore from now till the 3rd of September and the creations will be available at the Restaurant’s flagship restaurant RISE, the dessert patisserie Sweetspot and in the endless sweet Chocolate Buffet at The Club.

In this special collaboration, the exquisite Felchlin Chocolate will be the main ingredient used for the desserts. And it is regarded as some of the finest and rarest chocolate in the world prized by Chocolate Connoisseurs for its original and untouched quality.


Some of the highlights available on the 1st day are firstly the Chocolate Tartlets ($6). Chef Stephane current inspiration for creativity is to combine the textural smoothness of creamy chocolate with the crispy and even nutty fragrance of nuts,biscuit,crumbs. So the choice of Chocolate Tartlets is an apt introduction into this specific range. The strikingly familiar crisp tart base is pure contrast to the buttery smooth chocolate within. A tender combination of mellow sweetness and tinge of bitterness, take up the piece and enjoy it whole.


One of my favourites is the Le Marceau ($9.10). Shaped like a dome, the insides is a relative combination of smooth textures and sponge. It is a mix that with the first bite, one is left with a smooth “wow”. The chocolate layers within a distinct yet blending well with each other. The crunchy nuts, crisp shell, followed by the soft sponge and then the creamy centre.


But the best of the four I tried would definitely be the Le Petit Antoine ($9.10) for me. A classic for Chef Stephane, this is probably where the fundamentals of textures, flavour and a good combination of ingredients really stand out. Four separate layers go into this creation – Croquantine layer, Hazelnut Dacquoise layer, Chocolate Cream layer and then the Milk Chocolate Chantally layer. Break through a slice, enjoy the combination altogether, fantastique!


For something a bit more bite into it, there is the Praline Tendresses ($6). This is one dessert that does not leave one to over indulge but to be satisfied and warmed by the fulfilling textures. The cake itself is firm and moist with the spread of praline on the top.


Chef Stephane, Me, Chef Alejandro

Chef Stephane emphasises that the key to creating excellent desserts is the need for getting the fundamentals itself in pastry making right. While presentations is to be taken into account, one can simply make an excellent eclair and with consistency every day, and that will be just what is required to the step of a good pastry chef. Chef’s moment of inspiration and the way he does his desserts are strictly French styled in nature. And pastry chefs definitely put in a lot of passion in their work, as Chef told me that for his daily pastry making, he has to get started at 4am.

Currently Chef Stephane travels around the world as a consultant pastry chef and conducts classes for professionals and amateurs.

As mentioned by Chef Alejandro, the concepts and certain pastries which Chef Stephane introduced and shared will be on the menu for at least the rest of September so that guests will be able to have a bit more time to enjoy the delights.


A shot of other desserts also available



Also, with the lead up to the Mid Autumn Festival, Marina Bay Sands is offering a selection of Snowskin mooncakes in addition to the traditional varieties. Available in flavours of Salted Caramel Almond Crunch and Dark Chocolate Orange Grand Marnier, the snowskin sweets are available in a very interesting packaging resembling that of a lantern with a box within that opens up like a stairwell.

IMG_6231 IMG_6232

Dark Chocolate Orange Grand Marnier and Salted Caramel Almond Crunch

A large box of Snow Skin Mooncakes goes for $56 (8 pieces) and the smaller option goes for $28 (4 pieces). Fascinating choice as a gift! Mooncakes are currently available at Sweetspot from now till 12th September.

Thank you Venetia, Marina Bay Sands for arranging the interview.

Tower 3
Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Avenue
Opens from : 7am-10pm