Gourmet News : Relish in the Sumptuous Crab Buffet at Parkroyal on Beach Road!


It’s really finger lickin’ good! Elated and well sated with the decadence of flavour found in the sauces served generously over each dish of crabs, this is one promotion at the Plaza Brasserie that crab lovers should look out for! At $55++ per person on weekends dinner, guests are entitled to the buffet line up and each of Chef Jackson’s special creation of crab recipes. The dishes include the ever popular and sinful Fried Crab with Egg Yolk (though Salted Egg Yolk Crabs would be the more common name), the lipsmacking Butter Crabs with its infusion of luxurious fragrance and sweetness, the traditional Chilli Crabs and more! Available till the end of August, this is dinner wholesome and sumptuous for everyone. Just a key word, moderation. Gosh, all that crab!


Ever since I was introduced to Salted Egg Yolk Crabs a few years ago, it has taken top spot over my previous love for Pepper Crabs (Yes, top spot does not go to Chilli crabs). Something about the grainy textures of salted egg yolks coupled with its addictive savoury flavour that really hits the right note for my tastebuds. At Plaza Brasserie, the rendition of Salted Egg Yolk Crabs are pretty decent. A good dose of yolk flavour melded within the slightly thick paste smothered all over the crabs make excellent presentation, and lasting satisfaction.


But the favourite for the day goes to the Butter Crabs! I found it to be more strongly flavoured as compared to the Salted Egg Yolk crabs with more gravy to smack off my fingers. Match that with the sheer enjoyment of sucking out the sweet crab meat from the shells, oh what a bliss.


The Nonya Curry Flower Crab was not too bad, considering a decent amount of spice all over to harmonise with the crab’s strong flavours. Not exceptionally spicy and easy on the palate.


The Chilli Crab is however mild and presented more as a version for the tourists. You would hardly break a sweat as you enjoy the savoury and sweet rich “chilli” sauce.


Crabs in XO sauce. Ooo, the name itself sounds like an excellent treat. I found each piece to be nicely specked with bits of savoury bits infused with the rich flavours from the XO. Perhaps the best description for this dish is savoury sweet sea flavours intensified further with that touch of umami. I relish.


Food spotting unique appetizer presentations!


Food spotting unique appetizer presentations!


Food spotting unique appetizer presentations! Ok, this dim sum basket is not really new. But I really like the lighting effect on this picture, so up it goes =D

The Sumptuous Crab Feast at Plaza Brasserie PARKROYAL on Beach Road is available now till 31st August, dinner only. The spread this time is really focused towards the plethora of crab lovers out there, with certain dishes that would leave one coming back for more (note, butter crab). And oh, I noted freshly shucked oysters available as well. A deal clincher? Mmmm, oysters and crabs (throw in Homer’s voice).

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Many thanks to PARKROYAL on Beach Road for the invitation

Plaza Brasserie
PARKROYAL on Beach Road
7500A Beach Road
Tel : 6505 5710

Sumptuous Crab Feast
5th July to 31st August
Dinner Only
Mon to Thu : Adult $52++, Child $31++
Fri to Sun : Adult $55++, Child $33++