Gourmet News: Premium Organic Meats from Ryan’s Grocery this CNY!


For this Lunar New Year, Ryan’s Grocery will present a range of premium shabu-shabu meats and organic seafood in addition to their usual offering available for customers who have specific dietary and preferred sourcing requirements.


With the traditional and favourite steamboat shabu shabu in mind, premium shabu shabu cuts are available for order. Choose from the organic grass-fed Blackwood Valley Black Angus Beef ($9.60/200 grams) to the free-range Pork Belly, Collar and Loin ($9.60/200 grams). Both are very decent portions when thinly sliced for steamboat. However, if you do order the meatball platter of beef ($11.80), chicken ($9.90) or pork with water chestnut ($9.90), prepare a stronger mix of dipping sauce by the side as the meatballs are not robustly seasoned.



Ryan’s Grocery Lunar New Year specials are available from now till 22nd February 2016. Free delivery for purchase above $150 and before 3rd February 2016.