Gourmet News : 10 Top Sake Masters at Waku Ghin

Sake Bottles

I was quite impressed when I heard last weekend that Chef Tetsuya Wakuda was inviting 10 top sake masters from Japan into Singapore for a full fledged sake awareness event. A gala dinner was also held where Chef’s private collection of sake was auctioned off to raise funds for the Momo-Kaki Orphans Fund (a foundation meant to look after the long term education needs of children affected by last year’s major quake).

Chef Tetsuya Wakuda

It should have been thrilling for both the guests at the Sake Masterclass and the Gala Dinner as each got to witness the complexity and detailed flavours of Sake. The event also saw the presence of 871 year old Sudohonke, and the 55th Generation Sake Master Mr Genuemon Sudo. The real treat is when Chef’s cuisine is paired to the level of detail in each sake. For the night, there was Poached New Season White Asparagus with Sea Urchin and Asparagus Cream, Oscietre Caviar and Ohmi Beef Roll.

Sake Masters

The Sake Masters present

Back row (L-R)
Mr. Jun Kono, (Sohomare), Mr. Takeshi Sekiya (Horaisen), Mr. Masumi Nakano (Dewazakura), Mr. Kenichi Ohashi (Master of Sake, Sake Service Institute), Mr. Yohji Teraoka (Isojiman)
Front row (L-R)
Mr. Tazaemon Yamamura (Sakura Masamune), Mr. Kazunari Shata (Shata Shuzo), Mr. Ryuichiro Masuda (Masuizumi), Mr. Tokubee Masuda (Tsukino Katsura), Mr. Atsuhide Kato (Born), Mrs Yohji Teraoka (Isojiman)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to attend this event because of my paper which coincided on the very same day in the afternoon. This was the second time it was hosted in Singapore. Perhaps then for me, third time is the charm!