Gourmet News : 10 at Claymore – Return to the land of the Oz!

The Pleasure of Oz Plates of Pleasure makes a return back at 10 At Claymore! Following last year’s popular selection of Gracefield Venison Loin Kebab and the chicky Beer Butt Chicken, the line up this time round includes a selection of Organic Beef (Tenderloin, Ribeye and Striploin), a tender soft Kurobuta Pork Belly and a Grilled Lamb T-Bone. All in addition to the buffet line up at the restaurant from now till the 31st of July!


I first visited 10 At Claymore last year, subsequently for their Chinese New year Plates of Pleasure early this year, and also had my birthday celebration there with my family. I’ve always enjoyed the quiet and snazzy dining experience, with a mellow cozy environment that leaves one to thoroughly relax in. Set behind the busy streets of Orchard Road, discovery of 10 At Claymore is like a gem away from the crowd.


First up on the Plates of Pleasure menu is the Gippsland Organic Angus Beef Tenderloin. A sleek, extremely tender yet one with a good enough bite portion is served up well seared  to give a clear presentation while sealing in the juices. Natural flavours all around with a wholesome aftertaste that leaves delight.

Paired with : Taylor’s Port Reduction | Smashed Idaho Potatoes


While beef might be the main preference for most, my favourite for the night is the Australian Free-Range Grilled Lamb T-Bone. Fatty and not too gamey, the portion of meat is easy to the bite with a good chew accompanying. The fat by the side is a real delight as it melts in the mouth slowly revealing the complex flavours and savouriness of the lamb. Pour the sauce all over for an added tart sparkle that tones down any overt tastes, refreshing the portion at each time.

Paired With : Citrus Balsamic Reduction | Pumpkin Puree


Fans of Rib Eye will find the main ingredient well sliced and stir fried a la Teppanyaki style with pea sprouts. Named the Gippsland Teppan-Style Angus Beef Rib Eye, the portion has slightly more marbling, and is sweeter in flavour (most likely from the sauce). The sprouts are refreshing with a good colour contrast. I still remember the sweetness though. Maybe you might appreciate it better.

Paired with : Warm Garlic-Ponzu Vinaigrette | Sauteed Pea Sprouts


If beef is not your thing, there is the Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly to settle for. Very soft, with a tender melt in the mouth texture, the pork belly is a blend between firmness and jelly like goodness. The braising sauce is also tailored to a certain finesse in flavouring the belly slightly yet not overpowering the natural aromatics of the pork. Pairing it with the bun gives the oriental feel a final finish.

Paired with : Sweet Dark Shoyu | Steamed Mantau


The final plates of pleasure selection in the line up is the Gippsland Organic Slow Roasted Angus Beef Striploin. Served in a slight pinkish of a medium rare, the strip loin is fatty through and through. Pour the grain mustard and merlot infusion sauce over to bring out the aromatics of the mushroom beneath, infusing with the flavours of the beef. Quite nice, though the focus tends to tilt towards the mushrooms instead of the beef.

Paired with : Grain Mustard and Merlot Infusion | Braised Mushrooms


Now after all that meat, perhaps tone it down with some decadent blackforest!

The Pleasure of Oz Plates of Pleasure was an entertaining selection for me. Out of all the dishes, I enjoyed the grilled lamb t-bone the most. The strip loin and rib eye in these presentation styles might be more for those with a certain preference to their meats, yet it is a good exploration into a spread of cuisine styles in a single sitting. In addition to all of these, don’t forget the rest of the buffet line up. To finish dinner, settle for some freshly made crepes and I’m certain it would be a memorable meal to end with a smile.

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Many Thanks to Pan Pacific Orchard for the invitation

10 at Claymore
Pan Pacific Orchard
10 Claymore Road
Singapore 229540

Reservations : 6831 6686

Plates of Pleasure – Pleasure of Oz Menu available till 31st July 2012

Dinner : $55++
Sunday Brunch : $58++

Please enquire with restaurant for credit card promotions available.