Golden Buttery Pineapple Cakes from Din Tai Fung!


Din Tai Fung is well known and famous for its Xiao Long Baos. Hence, when I heard of their Pineapple Cakes available for sale this special season, I was particularly intrigued. Priced attractively at 3 pieces for $7.50 and 10 pieces for $23.80, these Pineapple Cakes are only available at Paragon, Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands. Read on to find out how they taste!



I got the box of 3 pineapple cakes, and I must say that the set makes a nice gift when wrapped up elegantly.


The pineapple cakes crust was buttery and crumbly, with a mellow sweetness throughout. Take a good bite to unveil the portion of sweet tart pineapple filling within. It is quite different from how I make my own pineapple tarts and quite different from the ones you would normally get from Bengawan Solo. And I have to say, these Din Tai Fung Pineapple Cakes are really tasty and moist.