Giving You A Little Sunshine Dim Sum At Victor’s Kitchen


In the afternoon before I went to 1-TwentySix with my friend, I dated my grandmother and brought her out for lunch and around the Dhoby Ghaut area to reminisce the good ol days. I first wanted to bring her to some European restaurant for her to dine, whereas she wanted to go eat Hainanese Pork Chops drizzled lovingly with that tangy tomato sauce. Then again, I also wanted to explore the area near Bencoolen Street for more delights.My friend recommended me this little dim sum kitchen around the area and after the failure from trying to head there the last time, this time round we headed straight to Sunshine Plaza to indulge in some hand made dim sum from Victor’s Kitchen.

A small little coffeeshop located on the first floor in Sunshine Plaza, I actually missed it by making a wrong turn and walking for another good 20 minutes before arriving back at the same spot. Being hungry and thirsty as it was way past lunch time, grandma and I were quick in deciding what to order.

The Yummy Teochew Steamed Dumpling ($3.50) was generously stuffed with lots of vegetables and chopped peanuts, making this dim sum a delight to engage in with both crunchy and savoury textures. And it is delightful to note that Victor’s Kitchen serves up a very mean dish of Scallop, Sausage Carrot Cake with XO Sauce ($4.00) The carrot cake is served up soft and warm with a good taste of the dried shrimp within. I especially from the XO sauce addictive to the tastebud that when paired with the smooth carrot cake, it made me want to go back for seconds.

I was also tempted to try the Milky Custard Bun ($3.00). It was however not what I really expected of an explosion of milk custard with salted egg yolk spilling out upon the first bite. Instead the custard was firmer in a more pudding like texture with chunks of salted egg yolk embedded within. Passable, but not what I was looking for. I still remember the ones at Peach Garden.

I also had the Rosey Wine Yummy Char Siew Bao ($3.50). Impressively, this is one of the best Char Siew Baos I have eaten in a long time.

Chunky pieces of char siew adorn the filling with a good amount of the rose wine being very apparent in taste. The meat is also slightly fatty, with a touch of sweetness decorating the overall robust savouriness. Excellent.

IMG_7983 IMG_7995

Tasty Queen Size Siew Mai ($3.50) was decent enough with each piece bearing a shrimp stuffed within the meat. Still, the Yummy Chicken Roll ($4.00) filled with fish maw, baby corn and fresh chicken is one piece that left me delighted. It was a bite which revealed a burstful of ingredients. Very natural in tastes with a good crunch here and there.

The Fresh Chicken with Wolfberry Fruit & Rosey Wine Steamed Rice ($3.50) though not your typical dish of Lor Mai Kai, it was impressive as the rice soaked up the juices and oil from the chicken pieces. Coupled with the light dressing of wine plus wolfberry fruit, the dish turned out to simple but comforting.

The last time I had Chee Cheong Fun, it was that with a typical texture of the steamed rice flour being tough and dry. Apparently, Victor’s Kitchen serves up a fresh serving of the steamed rice rolls with my portion of King Prawn with Vegetable Cheong Fun ($4.00) being moist and juicy when lathered with a dip of the light sauce. The prawns used were also fresh and crisp and the vegetables were a welcomed texture.

For desserts, grandma and I shared a Double Boiled Fresh Milk with Ginger Juice ($3.00). And it must have made quite an impact as my grandma started recollecting the days in her time when this dish was a favourite amongst the people. The smooth texture with the infusion of spicy ginger juice gives a soothing calming effect that is refreshing and tempting. Delicious.

Interestingly, this might just become one of my next regular pit stops for handmade dim sum. Although the prices are a little above average, it is still an affordable pit stop for dim sum. Quality and excellence varies amongst the selection with the more unique ones tending to be better. Especially that Char Siew Bao. Mmm..Char Siew Baoo..

IMG_7971 Victor’s Kitchen
91 Bencoolen Street
#01-21 Sunshine Plaza
Tel: 9838 2851
Opens from : 10.30am – 8pm

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