Get away from the heat with servings of snow ice and fruity yoghurt at Frost Bites!


When it comes to desserts, I do love my sweet stuff. Why, even now I am very tempted to step into the kitchen and whip up a batch of cream puffs and eclairs even with no prior experience. And all this even with me munching away at Christmas cookies (ok fine, Christmas is not here yet, but who said you can’t eat the cookies early?)

But if you are in office near the CBD area, have a sweet tooth, and simply want to indulge in something frosty to the bite while escaping from the heat, a new Ice Dessert shop might just be your calling. Especially with all that lovely colourful fruits drizzled with milk ontop a pack of snow textured shaved ice, who wouldn’t be tempted?


My first icy dessert would be the Mango Ice with Additional Strawberry and Kiwi. Oo lala, sweet flavoured mangoes with a burst of juicy excitement in each bite, paired with the slight tart strawberries and tangy crisp tasting kiwi, the toppings were heaven itself. Delightfully, the milk glazed around the fruits brought out the natural sweetness, leaving me with my spoon trembling for more. And when it comes down to the shaved ice, ah, very very smooth with that instant melt in the mouth feeling. Suddenly, coolness takes a whole new meaning.


And as a new feature on the menu, Frost Bites are also serving their home made recipe of low fat yoghurt with topping of your choice. The yoghurt is served natural with a unique tart flavour glistened with sweetness from the sugar. The consistency is also thick akin to ice cream. First topping free, and more at $1.


 The Banana Blast Smoothie – A huge serving, deliciously thick and creamy.


Frost Bites pride itself as an all natural dessert shop with focus on fresh fruits and selected sweets as toppings rather than through artificial flavourings. Its hard to go wrong with milk ice or even yoghurt, but a lot can be done right with generous servings, good variety and affordable prices. And if you are stuck in office at the CBD district but craving for a cup of lovely yoghurt, they can even make a delivery to you!



Thank you Bryan, Frost Bites, for the invitation.

Frost Bites
12 Gopeng Street Icon Village
Tel : 6225 0585

Opens from :
Weekdays 11am to 8pm
Saturday : 2pm to 8pm