Fulfill Sunday’s Brunch Buffet Dream at the Waterfall Cafe, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore!


For a blissful Sunday afternoon getaway, the Waterfall Cafe at Shangri-la Singapore is proud to present an all new brunch buffet with seafood galore, Mediterranean inspired dishes, cold cuts, exciting assortment of cheeses, and fantastic desserts. Each item on the menu speaks of very good quality with a beautiful focus towards infusing ingredients with a selection of fresh herbs and colour. For those seeking a little pip me up in the afternoon, the buffet is paired with a selection of wines, champagne, cocktails and mocktails. And when you consider the buffet starting from $118++ per person for a range of delectable quality dishes that amidst a tranquil atmosphere away from the crowd, this is one Sunday brunch buffet well worth visiting.

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It is truly a beautiful experience every time I travel to Shangri-La. With its location off the busy road in Orchard, it is as though one has stepped into a different world just for the moment. My visit last Sunday was further heightened with the heavy downpour that took everyone by surprise. But for those in the restaurant, it was an added plus of witnessing the raindrops fall outside, emphasizing the overall tropical, homely like environment.

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The long table right in the middle of the dining hall, catered for big parties.

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 Be serenaded by Ms. Viva Vinson every Sunday from now till 30 November.

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When you first step into the restaurant, simply soak in the spectacle all around. Gaze your eyes slowly over the seafood bar, the roast and desserts to the left and finally look beyond to the far back for the wide selection of cold cuts, cheeses and salads.

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For a brunch buffet, the range is definitely not extensive. However, the highlight here is the consistent high quality across all the dishes, with premium ingredients, clean cut flavours and freshness all about. I was already impressed by my previous visit to the Waterfall Cafe. Now, with the same inspiration from the chefs delivered and created at the buffet line, this is one repertoire made for gourmet indulgence.

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I especially loved the foie gras terrine. Simple, not overtly complicated and yet an exceptional palate opener. While one can merely indulge in the buttery smooth liver in all its earthy, musky aromatics, it is the contrast of sweet and slightly tart port wine and cranberry jam that dress the entire portion up in levels of refined goodness.

Waterfall Cafe 2013-28

My plate of starters. Starting with the Watermelon and Tomato Salad (top left) and then the Foie Gras Terrine is just indescribable.

One dish that will freshen you up before you tuck into the meal is the Watermelon and Tomato Salad. Crisp, refreshing with sweet tangy flavours all in a single sitting, I clearly remembered this dish from my previous visit. The use of olives and generous dose of onions help complement the flavours with brushes of creamy oiliness and hearty crunches.

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Cold cuts of Jamon Iberico Ham, Salami, and more to share around the table.

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If you are game for a selection of herb-inspired cocktails, wines, and Taittinger champagne in the afternoon, go for the $158++ option. The Pandas Colada is creamy, tangy with the aromatic fragrance of coconut cream, coconut rum infused in pandan and perfect for the accompaniment of red meats.

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I was deeply impressed with the 3 cuts of meat available for the brunch. Start off with the Tomahawk steak and black Truffle juice. A good, full bodied portion of steak is given a dress up with slightly salty fragrant black Truffle jus. Hearty, meaty, and definitely satisfying, the meat is a beautiful medium rare with a good amount of fat streaked throughout. The Roasted Pork Loin and Belly with kumquat sauce is tender, played about with a good citrus flavour and moist to the bite. I’m amazed by the simple flavours of quality meat made even more pronounced with the special selection of gravy and sauces.

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My ultimate favourite dish for the day is the Organic Herb Crusted U.S. Colorado Lamb Chop. The lamb is delightful with crisp, firm meat. But the best part has to be the fatty portion that is portioned slightly near the bone. Gently slide your knife through it and reveal the juicy, buttery portion within. With this alone, I’m game to say that the buffet is well worth it. Have this dish with some Senora margarita (the blue cocktail at the back). A Japanese inspired drink with a touch of Yuzu. It is light, crisp and palatable. Sake Yuzu acted as the main additive, with fresh toasted rosemary sprinkled on the top. It is also slightly sour and fizzy with no salt added. Though if you like a little more cut and dress up of flavours, squeeze in the lime and salt available by the side.

Waterfall Cafe 2013-29

One more shot of the glorious Organic Herb Crusted U.S. Colorado Lamb Chop

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For $198++, guests can further enjoy the brunch buffet with an even more extensive range of alcohol with the 2005 Taittinger Brut, Brut Rose champagne, herb inspired cocktails and premium wines. Ask the staff which wine or cocktail is best paired with the dish, and you will be in for a tippling experience.

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Seafood gourmets will appreciate the freshness from the seafood bar. Premium seafood and marine harvest include four types of oysters, Maine lobster, Hokkaido scallop, Spanish mussel and more. I found the Maine Lobster fresh with sea sweet flavours waiting to burst out before each bite. The chef recommended that these lobsters be enjoyed without any sauce for maximum enjoyment. Pair it with white wine for a smooth, classic flavour that is crisp, clear and delightful.

Waterfall Cafe 2013-46

Oysters for the picking! Smokey Bay, Geay, Tsarskaya, Kumamoto, Fine de Claire

Waterfall Cafe 2013-51

Refreshing serving of mocktail Rosemary Bliss

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In addition to the buffet spread at the table, the kitchen also serves up Pass Around Items to complement the entire setting.

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There is the Ponzu Glazed Scallop with stir fried vegetables in lemon vinaigrette; Steamed Seabass with leek & potato fondue and citrus butter sauce; Vegetable Kebab with grilled cottage cheese, capsicum & zucchini, garden herb pesto and tomato coulisl and Scotch Egg wrapped in Parma Ham with Braised cabbage. The Scotched egg is beautiful with a runny center, though I personally would have preferred a more robust sausage instead of ham coating. The serving with braised cabbages lighten the overall flavour in wisps of tart freshness.

Waterfall Cafe 2013-50

For a comforting broth to warm up the meal or just to wind it all down, go for the serving of freshly prepared Seafood Bouillabaisse. Sea sweet with a soothing savoury stock that had a mildly peppery and umami aftertaste around the edges.

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If you are a fan of cheeses, be happy to note that the brunch (At least for the day I visited) serves up to a selection of 12 different kinds complete with organic honey, quince paste and an organic onion jam. There was the Reblochon, Saint Maure, Saint Nectaire Latier, Gruyere, Bleu D’ Auvergne, Cure Nantais Affine Au Muscadet, Manchego, Chiriboga, Camembert to name a few.

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Sweet tooths will be pleasantly pleased with a rather decent yet artfully crafted range of desserts to end the entire meal. There was the Coconut Strawberry Blanc Manger, Raspberry and Vanilla Roulade, Trio of Valhrona Chocolate Mousse, Mango Choux, Carrot and Pineapple Quartre Quarts, Cherry Crumble, Fresh Fruit Salad, Lemongrass and Jivara,  Blueberry and Citrus Sable (another must try), Summer Berry Tartlet and Vanilla Creme Brulee.

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I personally enjoyed the Peach and Raspberry Tiramisu for a sweetness on multiple levels, followed by chunks of peach right at the bottom. The raspberry jelly at the top was perfect in bringing down the overall sweetness a notch, yet skilfully retaining the freshness of the entire dessert.

Waterfall Cafe 2013-48

Mini Churros fresh from the kitchen

Waterfall Cafe 2013-45

Brunch is made complete with a serving of Waffles Crepes. Actually, I don’t really know what’s the name of this dish. Looks like waffles, yet with a texture so crisp and crunchy that it reminded me of a piece of extremely fragrant toast. Sprinkled with icing sugar and then drizzled with syrup, this was a slice of heaven brought to earth.

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The Sunday brunch buffet at the Waterfall Cafe is an experience worth saving up for. It is very reasonable considering the range of quality dishes presented. If you are game for a little alcohol in the early afternoon, go for the champagne brunch experience. The key highlights are definitely the Organic Herb Crusted U.S. Colorado Lamb Chop, Foie Gras Terrine, selection of fresh oysters and lobsters, watermelon and tomato salad and the range of 12 cheeses. The dessert spread is decent with a thumbs up going to the Peach and Raspberry Tiramisu. Dining at the Waterfall Cafe is perfect for a Sunday outing to round up the week or perhaps even a great way to start the week, refreshed. Have a date there with your families or friends, it will definitely be an outing that is enjoyable and memorable.

Thank you Shangri-la Singapore for the invitation.

Waterfall Cafe
Garden Wing
Level 1
Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road
Tel: 6213 4138

The Brunch Buffet is served from noon to 4pm every Sunday.
Starts from $118++ per adult
$59++ per child (6-11 years)