For That Spice Of Fusion In Japanese Food


Is it me or does Sakae Sushi start not to look like Sakae Sushi. That’s the impression I got when Leroy, Juliana, Anthony and me went to the Sakae outlet at Wheelock place last Saturday. We ordered each of this month’s signatures and each one was a creation on its own. Perhaps its the routine flavours and dishes available at affordable prices that we have become accustomed to what is being served. Now, with a selected menu of new entrants changing every month, ideas are kept fresh and the whole concept turns a notch classier.

For the month of September, Sakae Signature calls for all fans Spicy. The first dish I ordered Shishito Mentai Zukushi ($5.99). Creative concept and while immediately impressed by the halved green bird’s eye chilli as a topping and smeared with decadence of mentai, the sushi tasted more of the rice flakes with little hint of any distinct hotness. Relatively mild but it looks very very savoury.


The Spicy Tai Cheese Roll ($7.99) is decent enough as an appetizer but the chilli oil dressing coated over it doesn’t stick very well to the oily fish. I didn’t think it was spicy at first, and only after tasting the dressing on the plate did I feel any fiery hotness.


Ok, I have to admit that when I ordered the Fire Maki ($6.99) , I half expected the dish to come out with flames licking the sushi placed in the center of the dish. Aburied salmon pieces placed atop a maki with kimchi wrapped within. Interesting blend but I think the top of the fish needs to be grilled to a lovely brown for an added touch instead of a pinkish hue.

Ahhh, my header photo. And the best dish of the day. Spicy Salmon Maki ($7.99) Resolutely unique taste and texture with a piece of salmon as a topping creamed with a spicy and slightly sweet dressing, sushi deep fried to give a crispy coat and stuffed with a cucumber for a hidden crunch. Thumbs up!

Saba Curry Yaki ($7.99) is an interesting take on the traditional grilled saba fish. Marinated with curry powder and sprinkled with more on all over before served, the mixed tastes of mackerel and rough earthy flavours of spice is a first for me. Though one thing for sure, I shouldn’t have squeezed the lemon slice over the fish as the acidity accentuates the taste of the fish while giving a quirky overall.


Apart from the Sakae Signatures, the Wheelock outlet has a Premium menu with items ranging from Lobster, Prawns, Cod and Beef. I called for the Gindara Houba Dory ($16.90). And it was all smiles for everyone. The cod is fried delicately such that the meat is kept firm and whole. A garnish of ginger strips adorn the top for a slightly spicy flavour and texture. Pour the accompanying sauce and soothing sweet, slightly saltish and garlicky flavours erupt with each bite.

Anthony and Juliana wanted soup so we also ordered the Asari Kinoko Soup ($12.90). Wasn’t my favourite as there were simply a smorgasbord of mushrooms within and too few clams to create a distinct sea and earth taste. Instead it was more earthy and the strands of sharks fin was more of a visual appeal than anything to the taste.


Of course, we didn’t have all Signatures and none of the traditionals.

And if for every order of an item off the Premium menu, you can order a plate of Salmon Sashimi at $3.99 instead of the usual $5.99. No complaints there for a raw salmon lover like me.

I have already devoured this month’s special from Sakae, last month it was all oysters, lemme guess next month is going to be erm, chicken, no beef, no mushrooms, no sashimi? I think, let’s just keep a look out =)

This meal is compliments of Sakae Sushi