For A Touch of That Classical Dining Experience by The Beach at Wavehouse Sentosa!

Normally, one wouldn’t think of going all the way to Sentosa to have a meal. Usually its for the sun, the beach, and the frolicking in the sand. Occasionally if you want to go try hand at surfing, you would have to head to Wavehouse Sentosa. But after all the fun and sweat, you could decide to head to the establishment’s Wavehouse Sentosa Restaurant + Bar. Maybe for dinner, or a drink. But definitely one with that resort like experience and a little touch of class by the beach.


Step into the restaurant bar and be amazed by the ceiling of bamboo tubes. There must be hundreds of them.


Classical Brut

Champagne was served for the night. And it was bubbly being poured all the way. Three types throughout the whole course.

IMG_8407 IMG_8409

To start off the meal, the kitchen served up a Torchon of Foie Gras & Smoked Duck Breast ($18). The portion of foie gras with a side of golden sugared toast was quite delicate as it was. Though it was not as fine as the French foie gras, this serving still carried a personal touch for me as I enjoyed the development of textures and slightly varying flavours from outer to finish. Pair that with the crisp sugared toast, and yummy, a sweet start contrast between sugar land and savoury.

After the foie gras, there is a thoughtful option to cleanse the palate with some pear vincotto. Slighty sweet and tart with a bit of a crunch. The smoked duck breast as a finisher was good on its own. Nice well cut portions with the sides carrying that dense amount of fat which each piece is so endearing for.


Moving on to the starter of Black Sesame Pepper Tuna Tataki ($13). I felt that the tuna was adequately decent with the pepper crust enveloping the sweet meat quite delicately. The balsamic sesame dressing could do with a slightly stronger flavour, and in all it was ok.


Now for the supremely health lover, there is the option of Baby Spinach and Warm Mushroom Salad ($11.50 Small, $16 Large). Consisting of a mix of clean cut baby spinach leaves, warm lightly sauteed mushrooms, chopped pine nuts and crisp lotus chips, this was in overall a very light dish for the tummy. Nothing too heavy, yet a nice option to start off with. Though I do find the prices a bit inconsistent with the expectations.


Squarely, the Summer Cherry Tomato ($8) with Grilled Baby Calamari ($4.50) was rather average for me. I did not take to the separated flavours of tangy, salty, chewy balsamic jelly as it just wasn’t wholesome enough. Still, I did find the grilled baby calamari very interesting as though small, they pack a wonderful punch in flavour.


Second champagne for the night! Rose Majeur!


The Blackened Fillet of Salmon ($24.50) was one dish that I could really appreciate. Normally, I don’t really go to cooked salmon like fish to water (pardon the pun) as I find the oiliness a bit too much to bear. Sashimi is fine, but not when cooked. Still, Chef Freddy managed to prepare it in such a manner that it was cooked about right with the interior still being a slight medium rare with a touch of hearty flavours from the coat. Served with passion fruit vinaigrette, garlic mash and vegetables. And the crispy skin is a wonderful way to top the entire dish.


The other main of Pan Roasted Emperor Snapper Fillet ($26.50) with crab hash, pickled fennel and andouille sausage did not however leave to impress much. It is a good portion of fish with savoury flavours packed within, but at this stage I am looking for something to wow me. Something like the Blackened fillet of Salmon. Mmmmm.


But if you are one who demands your red meat, consider going for the Braised Australian Beef Cheek ($24.50) served in delicate portions. Braised to tenderness, and with that melt in the mouth experience, the meat is delectably irresistible. Now if only the portion was bigger. Comes with mushroom ragout, garlic mash, sugar peas, and edamame.


Still for something that I would remember for the night, that would be the Lemongrass Scented Boneless Kampong Chicken ($22.50). Goodness knows how long the marinade needs to take to seep into the chicken meat itself. The flavours are so packed within that it was a shame not savouring each bite. Fragrant serai coupled with the intense savoury flavours and touched with a sprinkle of herbs and spices, only to be further taken to a different level with the portion of sweet mango and the sprinkling of citrusy lime juice. The portion of pad thai though lacking in the smoky fragrance was well flavoured and an excellent accompaniment to my standards.


Final Champagne for the night : Brut Majeur


I wouldn’t exactly call the Coconut Panna Cotta ($8) a drop knee dessert, but it is a good portion nonetheless. Chilled and gelatinous, the coconut flavours were sublime and light throughout. When it is portioned and paired with the blend of passion fruit coulis, a tangy contrast makes the difference in lightness.


The Chocolate Lava Cake ($10.50) encases a center of warm flowing chocolate and is served with vanilla ice cream by the side. Decadent, simple, and nothing too fancy.


However to really end the entire dining experience with something a little more fascinating, you should really try the Airy Milk Chocolate Cloud ($10.50). Layered with raspberry granite, toasted hazelnut, praline nougatine and served in a martini glass, do remember to mix before enjoying. And with the first bite, enjoy the different textures running throughout with the crunchy, smooth, silky, and nutty. Flavours of sweetness and fruity sourness are also very well matched.





I met Chef Freddy at the end of the entire dining experience, and it was a pleasure knowing the creative genius behind the kitchen. Chef Freddy, recently returned from his 7 year long overseas career in Vietnam . Now back in Singapore and helming the Wavehouse Sentosa kitchen, he is set to introduce cuisine with a touch of both the West and the East.

It was great dining at Wavehouse Sentosa, and I never knew one could truly settle down for a full course meal at the establishment. (Normally I would think you would just go there to surf). But with certain dishes that leave an memorable experience, it would be good to see what else Wavehouse Sentosa will offer in the future. Creativity which holds no bounds, an impressive array to encounter. For a moment of surf, to dine, and wine, there is Wavehouse Sentosa.

Thank you Wavehouse Sentosa and Elevate Singapore for the invitation.

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