Food, Food and More Food! Yum =)


Roast Duck Rice @ Sembawang Vista Block 313 Coffee Shop 

To find good quality Roast Duck Rice, sometimes you need not go to the restaurants like Crystal Jade. Sometimes they can be found in the nearby coffee shop down in the very heartlands themselves. There is one of mention in Sembawang and its the Roast Duck, Pork, Char Siew, Chicken (etc etc) stall in the Block 313 Coffee Shop near Sembawang Vista.

While the price is fairly reasonable ($3.00) for a roasted duck rice at first sight, the portion which they give is ahem…a bit small. Nonetheless, the meat itself is succulent and tender, while the skin is crispy to the bite. However, they were a bit skimpy on the sauce (I bet you have to ask for more) and the chili sauce is fantastically hot!

I honestly never did try the roast duck rice here as I have always eaten the chicken rice (whose portions are still relatively small). Still, their chicken rice (as in the rice) is fragrant and oily to the right extent. Perhaps if you are there to check it out, order both to fill you up =)

Roasted Duck Rice Rating : 3.5/5 (if only their portions were bigger)


Cheese Pancake..mmm Crispy

To end off the meal, you might want to try the crispy pancakes freshly made. Available in a wide variety of flavours, there will definitely be one to please your tastebuds. Served piping hot with the filling nice and smooth (especially cheese), its a great way to say "mmmmm….I love it=)" Very affordable too for the basic peanut pancake is 80 cents and the cheese version is $1.10.

Cheese Pancake Rating : 4.5/5


Teh Bing (peng, ping, beng, anything….)

I just had to put this random picture and post up. LOL. This was my first time trying out Teh Bing (Iced Milk Tea), and it was quite nice and flavoursome, though the cold tea left a tealike bitter aftertaste (duh..its tea). Very refreshing too!

Venue for the three dishes above : Coffeeshop at Block 313, Sembawang Vista


Fresh USA Cherries and Vietnam Fried Lotus Seeds

Today I met my Aunty Eng and she passed me some goodies. To be more specific, they were small and round, some were yellow, some were purplish red. Guess?

Cherries and Fried Lotus Seeds! Honest, if you didn’t get that question right, I wonder how you didn’t know? LOL

Anyway, its my first time trying Fried Lotus Seeds from Vietnam. (Hmmm…this post seem to be full of First Times. Must be an adventure.) My aunt’s friend just came back from Vietnam and my aunt passed some of the local goodies which she requested from her friend to purchase for me to try. Really, the seeds were extremely delicious. (I couldn’t stop eating them on the way home. I had to tell myself, "Justin, save some for the photos later…")


Golden Yellow Fried Lotus Seeds from Vietnam! MUST MUST MUST TRY!!

The fried seeds tasted sweet, and there was the familiar jackfruit taste and smell to it. It almost tasted like the boiled seed of the jackfruit which itself has a nice and nutty flavour. The lotus seeds were crunchy and like any nut – dry.

I never realised that lotus seeds could actually be fried and then eaten like so, I always thought they were meant for soups. Now that’s an eye opener. (something like a can opener, just that this is meant for eyes..)


USA Cherries – Sour Sweet and Juicy!     

"Squirt. Squirt Squirt" – A wide grin, only to reveal red stained teeth. (I’m exaggerating. Hehe.) But that expression sums up to pure juiciness of these cherries. My aunt bought them fresh by the kilogram, and its really rare to come across cherries this BIG AND HUMOUNGOUS AND FRESH AND JUICY AND SOUR SWEET in Singapore. Ahhh, what I would do for a temperate climate.

Anyway, if you ever go the USA, you have to try their cherries. Oh yeah, perhaps you can buy some back for me =) Hehe.

Justin, Over and Out!